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  1. D

    Looking for Love

    I am looking give my love to a new baby. Boy or Girl, doesn’t matter. I am located in Las Vegas.
  2. A

    would love to adopting a sphynx

    i would love to adopt a sphynx , so please let me know because i will love giving a cat a forever home .
  3. Destinyrp21

    Looking to Adopt a Sphynx

    Hello! My name is Destiny and I'm looking to adopt a sphynx cat. I've been looking for a little over a year now, and doing my research on them, and I've decided that I'm ready to adopt! I say adopt because I'm more interested in giving an unwanted cat a home than purchasing one from a breeder. I...
  4. Shannonartsy

    my gotcha day!

    Hello there yesterday was a big day for us, we finally got our new baby Mew! Our story started in mid September when we first picked her from a batch of two litters born here in Denver close to home. The second I saw her little face and perfect stripes I had to have her. It has been a long...
  5. Bustamante01

    Tyrese is finally home!

    Hi everyone, Tyrese is now home since Friday. He's a champ for so many reasons.. First, he succeeded at the first stage of litter kwitter! Second, he suceeded his transition to raw ( it wasn't that difficult since he has a ferroucious appetite!) Third, he purrs loudly! Forth, he already answers...
  6. GMPLAX23

    Signed, sealed and yet to be delivered

    Hi everyone! Thanks to you all and the information in this community, I decided to get my very own Sphynx kitten! I'm so happy! He should be coming to my home in October. I really love my breeder. She is knowledgeable, friendly and so passionate about these cats. She is also very attentive to...
  7. Dallassummer

    Moving House

    Simba, Nala, Fiance, & I are moving house next week! We are all so excited! I know it's going to be different for them! I want to make it as smooth as possible. Any of you moved before with sphynxes? I would like tips, advice, stories, pictures! I want it all! :)
  8. A

    Chocolate Male looking for his forever home (In FL)

    Bat Cat is an 8 year old neutered chocolate sphynx who is looking for his new home. He has an amazing temperament is very vocal and requires all of the love and attention he can possibly get. (I think) He would do better as the only cat as he is a jealous boy who wants complete and undivided...
  9. gaigeschaos

    Lucius is home!

    Meet Lucius Daimon:cat: Yesterday was a really long day of driving but he did soso well in the truck! Slept most of the drive home (it was 6 hours or so after I picked him up) Once we got home he was really quick to explore everything and get somewhat comfortable, he used the litterbox and...
  10. admin

    Introducing a new adult sphynx cat or sphynx kitten into the home

    Introducing a new adult Sphynx cat or Sphynx kitten into the home Introducing a new cat or kitten into your home can sometimes be very stressful to you, your current pet residents and of course the new kitty. Here are some tips to help this task go smoother and keep all your pets a bit safer...