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  1. Jmpaull

    GERMANY spay/neuter

    For those in Germany. Where did you get your cat spayed/neutered? I am having a VERY rough time trying to find a Vet who will not use Ketamine!!!! Please help!
  2. Bailey21

    Recommendation for a Vet in Hamilton, ON Canada

    Good morning, I would like to recommend Dr. Ervin Harxhi at Stone Church Animal Clinic in Hamilton, Ontario. I had a wonderful experience with my sphynx here, right off the bat he started by asking us if we had any questions for him before he even started his exam with our baby (which of course...
  3. Bailey21

    Bad Experience with a Vet in Hamilton, Canada

    This is probably going to be somewhat of a rant so I apologize in advance, but I just wanted to share my experience with a local vet I've been dealing with in Hamilton. I've been super stressed out trying to find a reputable vet in my area for my babies neuter that I actually had 3 appointments...
  4. Maddie

    Medication and Other Treatments

    Hi! Just curious as to what medicines and other health related things (i.e vaccinations, anaesthetic, etc.) that everybody allows or doesn't allow to be used on their babies? I am just making up a health record for the vet that writes everything out on one page and thought I would add on...
  5. LucilleBald


    Hey everyone! So I'm going to be getting my Sphynx spayed in the next couple months and I've heard not to use ketamine. My vet doesn't use gas and has fixed sphynx' before with ketamine. She also called her vet friend in PA who specialized in exotic breeds and he also says he uses ketamine on...
  6. Amy31

    Good deed, or life saved?

    So, as a profession I'm a nail technician, and of course I love getting onto the subject of animals, and have had many reactions to little Lucifer, he's become abit famous with my clientele and they always ask how he is! I have one lovely lady who works in a cat shelter, and I like to ask her...
  7. Amy31

    Happy mum!

    This is most likely a pointless post but I just needed to share how over the moon I am! As some of you may know I was really scared about having my prince neutered! After many phone calls I found a vet that dos not use ketamine, of course, like any mum, I was still very worried, I pulled up to...
  8. Amy31

    The big snip!

    Hey guys, so I booked Lucifet in today have the chop in January, whilst under they will chip him, clean his ears and teeth however! I've read up online awhile ago how they can be allergic to ketamine, and how one little sphynx went off for his teeth cleaned and never came home! So I am beside...
  9. Morgan

    Low cost Neutering and Ketamine

    When I originally got Pierogi from the breeder I was in a much better place financially. I was living with cheap rent and good roommates, and working a job that paid well. That was months ago, and it wasn't long after I got Pierogi that everything started going down hill. Huge changes have taken...
  10. K

    Help with info on ketamine!!

    I have heard so much about not using ketamine in the sphynx. I've been having a hard time convinceing my vet on the subject. Anyone have good sites I can use for info. Thanks!