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kitten help

  1. WaluigDee

    Brand new Sphynx kitten, won't use the litter box?

    Hi there, I'm new here and a brand new Sphynx mom to a baby girl kitten (4 months old) I named Winona (after Winona Ryder). She's been home 2 days now and won't use her litter box? I was given the litter that the breeder used for her and she doesn't seem interested. She peed on my couch...
  2. R

    Kitten Q's.....

    So I am awaiting the "gotcha day" for my first sphynx. I wanted to ask a few things because the breeder has given me conflicting information as opposed to what is here. Mostly I have had a good experience with her and she checks vast majority of the boxes for things described in the thread here...
  3. AlecBaldwin

    Please help - purchasing kitten from another estate

    Hello everyone and thank you for your help in advance I am to purchase first queen to be kitten and from another estate! Breeder i am talking to is so nice but communication is hard and video materials are poor quality. This kitten is 7 weeks old now. Does she looks helthy to you? Looks...
  4. Lperrx

    Cat scratches

    Hi all, when pharaoh and Selene play together I guess they play quite rough. After grooming Pharaoh today I’ve noticed he has a few small scratches on his head and neck area. Is this a normal thing for Spynx’s when they play seeing as they don’t have fur ? I’ve also noticed the back of...
  5. E

    Litter box issues

    Hello all! I recently got 2 female 8 week old Sphynx kittens! They are sisters. One of them took to the littler box like a pro. The other is randomly urinating on the floor and once on the couch. They were fixed about a week ago and the incisions sites are healing appropriately. I asked the...
  6. khdz29

    Sphynx kitten won’t play and sleep all day

    Hi! a few days ago i adopted 3 months old sphynx kitten, his name is Iggy. I was so excited, but very much confused about his activities because it’s my first time having a hairless cat at home. I tried to play with rope, ball, furry things and other toys. Pretty much hoping he’ll likes it, but...
  7. Martyna


    hello I have a very important question, my little 4 month old kitten has something small at the top of the neck, "ball", "goz" what can it be.? I am very worried please help my
  8. Janie rosell


    Hi Everyone! I'm a little worried. A week and a half ago I rescued this 2 and a half month old sphynx kitten. She's gorgeous and super sweet. Everything seemed fine until Saturday we went to get her vaccines and she's been having diarrhea, she's been super sleepy and not active much like she...
  9. Kitty Chaos

    Teething problems

    Hi. My little kitten Arya is 6 months old now and I noticed that I hadn't found any babyteeth lying around or stuck in her toys yet so I checked her teeth and the adult teeth have come in but the baby teeth are still there! Is this any risk to her health? Should I take her to the vets to have...
  10. Monica

    Tell us when your GOTCHA DAY is!!

    Hola all you baby mamas and daddies to be! I thought it would be fun to start a thread for all of us waiting for Gotcha Day so we can all count down together! Some of us are only days away, while others (myself included) have months yet to go! Please comment below your kitty's Gotcha Day date...