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multiple cats

  1. metagrip

    My sweet Sphynx has become distant for months after bringing home a new kitty that constantly bothers him

    Hi all! It’s been a while since I posted, but I am having some feelings of guilt and worry since bringing home a 2nd kitty. I love my sweet baby Fisher. He is a black neutered sphynx and I’ve had him for 2 years. We are inseparable and always have been. He has been with me through everything...
  2. R

    One or Two Spynx

    Hi, A bit of background, I've recently bought a new home and have been thinking about getting a cat, I've done plenty of research and come to the conclusion that a spynx would be a really good match. They're not a cat I would have previously considered but the more I learn about them the more...
  3. Monica

    Relationship Status?!

    ATTN: ALL MULTI-SPHYNX HOUSEHOLDS: How would you define your SPHYNX CATS’ relationship? Are they lovers, friends, siblings? Are they inseparable or indifferent? Frenemies or nemeses? Perhaps it’s complicated? Please share your experiences with multiple sphynx cats! Inquiring minds want to...
  4. carly gail

    Eating each other's food, getting SICK!

    Help! I am at such a loss. My roommate's kitty and my sphynx kitten are great friends, however they keep eating each other's food. My roommate buys really bad dollar-store cat food, and Baldwin ofcourse is eating special food for sensitive digestive systems. He vomits atleast once a week now...
  5. Dallassummer


    So I have two sphynx's currently. I recently put a deposit on a beautiful cornish rex kitten, ready to go in July. I got a Cornie because my Fiance likes them and there were no sphynx's available at the time. Well now I found this beautiful sphynx kitten available also ready to go in July.. Am...