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  1. B

    Help I I’ve never seen this before

    My sphynx just had two kittens Tuesday night and I’ve never seen this before I’m thinking it’s mama over cleaning her baby? I’m not entirely sure though I wanted to get some opinions before I take her to the vet due to the closest vet being a long ways away
  2. Kaitlynmason

    Week old kittens constipated

    Hello I have two 9 day old kittens. The first 7 days they ate and had BM 2 a day. As of two days ago they stopped having BM. They are on KMR formula. I’ve called my vet and they told me to try .. all the things I’ve been trying already. Adding more water to formula. Tummy massages. Stimulating...
  3. Kaitlynmason

    1 week old kittens constipated

    Hello! My 9 day old kittens have both stopped having BM at the exact same time.. up & until 48 hours ago they were having 2 a day. They are bottle fed KMR powder. I’ve tried stimulating them (as I’ve been doing from the beginning) adding more water to their formula. A couple of drops of olive...
  4. Natka58

    Newborn scratches

    Do you cut newborn nails? They scratch each other up pretty badly. Anything safe to put on their scratches for them to heal faster or just leave it alone? Thank you
  5. Screenshot_2019-08-11-17-02-40.png


    Baby Asti when she was a peanut n newly born
  6. pocovonloco

    We Got a New Baby!

    Hi everyone!! First of all, I appologise for missing for too long. I’ve been very busy with works and stuff. Today I want to tell all of you a very good news for my family. My bedroom aircons is broken since weeks ago, so I’ve been sleeping in my study room ever since, and put Poco and Pitta...
  7. L

    Expecting Baby, Should I rehome my sphynx?

    Hello everyone, Ive never posted on here before but let me tell you a little bit about my situation. I have a one year old sphynx cat, I got him last June and it has been a dream of mine for YEARS to own one of these cats. I did all my research and knew what I was getting into. I researched...
  8. Sphnxophelia

    Althea's Kittens!!!

    Hey All, Althea had her Kittens on March 21st! They are growing up so darn fast and seems like just yesterday I woke up next to a kitten in my bed, lol. Her birth went smoothly this time, No Problems whatsoever. There are 2 girls and 2 boys. 2 of them actually came out with Hair...