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pet insurance

  1. S

    I wish I hadn’t dragged my feet on insurance

    Hi everyone. I’m at a loss- I got my baby, Frank, back in December. I kept thinking I would sign up for insurance but I kept putting it off, mostly because all the options were so overwhelming and I don’t have insurance for my other pets. Anyways, since I’ve had him, he’s been treated once for...
  2. Rhianne

    Pet insurance in the UK?

    Hey everyone! So the day is finally approaching, I'm picking up my little girl on Tuesday, but I'm a little stuck on pet insurance. Does anyone have any recommendations for pet insurance with good coverage and reputation in the UK? A lot of the previously recommended insurers on other threads...
  3. HappyLilSphynx

    Pet insurance

    Of course I'd think of this as I'm about to leave town ... After losing my sweet girl to severe heart issues just before Christmas, I'm hoping to adopt a hairless baby either later this year or sometime next year. Because of the cost from her heart issues (more than $2,000 last year alone)...
  4. BynxTheSphynx

    Pet Insurance?

    I have been researching on pet insurance for Bynx. Does anyone have insurance? Which is best for you? I can find pros and cons for almost all of them but I want opinions!! Thanks!
  5. tiliquajeff

    How Common Are Serious Health Issues?

    Hi. I am one of those people that lurks around on Sphynx Lair, but never posts. I enjoy the forum very much. I am hoping that some of you who have kept sphynx's for awhile will be willing to say how long you have had your cat(s), and if you have had any serious health issues with them. It is...