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  1. NakedMargie

    New member and possible pigmentation question!

    Hello! It’s about time I finally joined! I’ve had cats all my life but just got my first naked baby, Cream, 2 years ago. While my vet is wonderful and knowledgeable, I live in a very small town and their knowledge of Sphynx is limited. I’ve been visiting Sphynx Lair for all my questions and...
  2. JessyCat

    Skin Patches

    Hi there! Just wondering if anyone else’s Sphynx gets these weird dark patches. They’re located primarily on her belly in the leg folds-armpits. I’ve tried coconut oil with no luck. It’s seems periodic where its really dark and other days hardly noticeable. Not sure if this is just her...
  3. O

    Pigmentation? Dark Skin on my sphynx.

    You can see from the images, that it's not raised or red or swollen, it's just... colored different. It started a 2 years ago, and it comes and goes; it's going through a big flair right now. She's allergic to any kind of poultry; she had so many issues when I rescued her. (But that's another...
  4. A

    Our skin woes

    Hi everyone, it's been a while since we were active here. I wonder if anyone can help. Elvis has been diagnosed with "pigmentation" on his skin, but I'm not satisfied with that. It seems to be spreading and is flaky. We wash him with prescribed medication Malaseb (not sure what else it is...
  5. Elycia


    My kitten keeps getting more and more of these spots! I've tried everything and nothing is working. Please help. :cat:
  6. K

    Concerned Age Spots/dark pigmentation? Is this normal or a serious problem?

    I got my sphynx from craiglist 5 years ago. Age unknown. I think she is around 15 years old. These spots were not there 5 years ago and are increasing rapidly over the past 1-2 years. She is also obese and on a diet. Her skin has been very oily and she is always dirty so I increased her showers...
  7. A

    Dark spots growing and traveling up..

    Hello everyone! I posted not too long ago regarding some dark patchy spots that appeared on my little boy Klaus about two weeks ago after using coconut oil and have not applied it to him since. I am bathing with johnson baby wash & tropiclean hypoallergenic and the spots do not come off and...
  8. AndreaM

    Multiplying Large Black Spots

    I've dug into some of the past forums here on the skin spot issues, but I hadn't seen anything quite like what my almost 13-year-old male has. He's a black & white tux and over the years has had multiplying freckles and moles. He loves the sun, so this is no surprise. Within the past couple of...
  9. suzfoote

    Weird dark patches on stomach, armpits and butt

    I didn't notice exactly when they came, or became exactly how they are.. but I was just today reading a thread about urticaria pigmentosa.. and a lot of the pictures look similar to what McNulty has. It's hard to get a good picture, but they are darker areas on his stomach, armpits and even a...
  10. Marcin92

    Weird spots above eye :(

    Hi, my 6months baby developed some dark spots on her face mainly above her right eye. I dont really like the way it looks however my main concern is healthwise if it could be something serious? It doesnt seem to bother her, its just dark spots no bleeding or cuts/sores. Any advice how to get rid...
  11. Yoda mom

    Black Sphynx pigmentation

    I recently adopted a black Sphynx that has a very large area of pigmentation on only one side of his body. He was sunbathing in the window at his previous home. He was vet checked last month. The vet report diagnosis said it is normal pigmentation for his age - almost 4 yrs old - and basking...
  12. Ashdm

    What are these marks on my Sphynx's skin??

    My spyhnx has developed dark marks on his belly. He's a black sphynx anyway but these are very black spots. They have literally shown up in the last 2 weeks and continued to spread in a horizontal line across his abdomen. I've read numerous threads on here about similar marks on the skin but I...
  13. pussiette

    Urticaria pigmentosa

    Does your sphynx have urticaria pigmentosa/severe hive? I desperately need to connect with anyone owning a sphynx with this health problem.