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  1. C

    rash after rabies vaccination

    My 1 year old male sphynx recently had his 2nd year rabies shots, and started to slowly spread around his neck and under arm and upper belly. Is there any type of topical ointments to help clear up and stop him from constantly scratching them? Any tips or recommendations from anyone that has...
  2. Justified143

    Vaccine site induced cancer?

    Has anyone heard of Sphynx or any other cats getting cancer from their vaccine site? My 7 year old male Sphynx got a huge tumor on his back, between his shoulders. I've taken him to two vets and both agree that his mass was caused from his vaccination site. He had surgery to have it removed...
  3. stefanie412

    Leukemia Vaccination?

    I know there is a lot of controversy surrounding vaccinations. I've already stopped giving the Rabies vaccine because it's unnecessary with both of the babies being inside only. But I was wondering if I should continue to get other vaccines, like the booster and leukemia vaccination? What do...
  4. tannytime

    Rabies Vaccination

    Hey guys, I wanted to know if anyone has had any experience with side effects after the rabies vaccination. I did my research and some were saying that if you have had mice in the house it might be a good idea to get the vaccination even though the sphynx is an indoor cat. Keano got his 3 year...
  5. Luvd56

    What vaccinations do you give your sphynx

    The breeder I bought Lilly from advises not to give her the Rabies vaccination as she has seen and heard of sphynx kittens die after they have received the vaccination. She also advised not to give her leukemia vaccination because it has a very high reaction rate. She said they can only get...
  6. Monchchichi

    Views on Rabies Vaccination

    What is everyone's view here on the rabies vaccination? I have done a lot of research on the topic but have found it hard to decide since half say no and half say yes. LOL Where I live it's law that they are vaccinated for Rabies, but I called the City and talked to my vet and as long as I sign...
  7. Candys


    I know there has been a post on which vaccines to use and not use - but I am at work and in a hurry. Dinka is at the vet this morning for his neuter. The tech said he has not had his leukemia vaccine. I told her that I would have to get back with her on that. Do I vaccinate?:Dizzy: