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  1. P

    11 old Sphynx with rash, vomiting and not eating

    Hi!! I am the aunty of lovely a 11 months old Sphynx. He is momentanely ill and my sister doesn't know what to do. Here is the story: On May 8th our cat ate a small piece of an artificial plant. In the early morning he started vomiting without being able to get anything out. The next day he...
  2. Caffi

    Kitten has

    Hellou, I have this ongoing battle with kittens skin. She first didn't have any lumps or bumps but they seem to come more and more often. I was thinking these marks come from rough play with other kitten so I started to clip their nails more often while these appear on the shoulders, neck and...
  3. A

    Raw Skin/ Irritation / Ringworm/ UP?

    Noticed a little rash on my little guy a couple days ago and it’s getting better but isn’t healed yet. I’ve noticed it one time before. My other sphynx does not have any skin issues so I’m thinking it’s not ringworm, they constantly cuddle and sleep together. Pickles my big guy thats fine does...
  4. Lady Godiva

    Discoloration issues

    Hey Everyone, I was hoping I could get some advice. I've had Lady Godiva for 4 years and she developed this brownish mark that spreads. I took her to the doctor, and they gave me a steroid spray and it went away for a few months but then it came back and started spreading. I took her to...
  5. Silke

    Plantain Salve Recipe

    If you click the image, you land on my blog post about this stuff. Plantain (Plantago Major / Plantago Lanceolate) is about the most useful "weed" you'll ever find. Not only is it completely safe to use on pretty much any skin condition, it's...free. And it grows pretty much anywhere. (The...
  6. K


    Keith is 5 years old about to be 6 and I got him when he was 4. Almost immediately after getting him from his breeder, he began to break out in rashes. I have tried EVERYTHING. I mean EVERYTHING!! He's been on hypoallergenic diets, he was even on steroids at one point. I have consulted multiple...
  7. BusterTheCat


    Hello. Dunkin has some kind of marks going down his back that I noticed tonight. I'm not sure if they are scratches because the skin isn't cut at all, they are just like raised red lines. It worries me that it's going down his whole back. We do have two other cats but I don't think they would...