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raw feeding

  1. Maddie

    Astrid on Raw - first attempt

    So bought a thing of raw food today lol now to see if she will eat it. It's buddies natural pet food apparently lol just grabbed one from the freezer that was in trial form. Don't need $30+ to toss if she hates it. Now to wait for it to defrost! Will be used more so as a treat, 3-4 times a...
  2. 2SphynxMommy

    To raw or not to raw... that is the question!

    So I've heard of feeding this raw diet... My sphynx are not on raw, I actually didn't know it existed when I got my first sphynx and she was healthy and growing so I never questioned her food. Furthermore, my vet never even suggested it! Obviously, I want whats best for my babies... Everyone...
  3. MelissaAlice

    Day 1

    I've started the transition! Any small worries I had about Elfie not wanting to eat the raw pretty much went out the window! She looked at it, it's new after all, then at me. Sniffed it looked at me. Took the smallest little nibble possible .. I swear her little kitty eyes went wide and she...
  4. OwnedByOdysseus

    Whole prey?

    I'm going to pick up some frozen whole pretty for Odysseus tomorrow (rabbit, rat and baby lamb). I've never fed whole pretty before but he is already on raw food. I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips or words of wisdom to offer. I'm excited as it's as close to his natural diet I can give...
  5. pearlpollard

    Nature's Variety raw

    Hi guys! Just wondering how many people feed Nature's Variety raw food? I have tired a few different kinds of their meat choices with my girl. She came to me eating a homemade raw food and over about a month or so I slowly switched her to the nature's variety. She loves it! I tried the chicken...
  6. Amy31


    I am completely new to the use of forums so please forgive me if this has been asked or is completely in the wrong place! I'm at a loss! D: I have recently become a proud mum of a beautiful sphynx! However upon my mass research sessions I've stumbled across the mentioning of the raw diet, and...
  7. zoinks

    Feeding raw & kibble at the same time

    I have seen people asking about this a few times here. I was doing some reading and found the following article which I found really interesting. Quite long but definitely worth a skim. This applies to feeding them at the same time (ie. mixing or free feeding dry while feeding raw)...
  8. stefanie412


    I have finally decided to make the switch to raw for Bane and Fluffy. I have plenty of extra time and I have done lots of research. However, a lot of the blogs I have read seem to contradict themselves. Some say not to feed cow and pork, while others say to feed cow and pork. Then others say...
  9. Xandria

    Does Anyone Feed Bone-in Raw?

    After raiding this great forum for information I've ventured out there (*points to that nebulous space call the interwebs*) and read as much about raw diets for cats as my brain could handle. I'm presently of two minds: 1. Ground Raw w/ Chunks This seems simple enough. Use the ratio, pick...