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raw meat

  1. Yana and Osiris

    Chicken necks, beef tail and other raw meat problem

    Before we got our kitten we had watched a dozen of videos about sphynx cats and their feeding routine. I saw kittens enthusiastically chewing bones and binging on raw meet (chicken and beef). Osiris eats neither of these. He seems to be attracted by smell when I cut raw meat but he won't simply...
  2. O

    Natural Instinct pure chicken raw meat. Nutritional enough ??

    Hi, I have been feeding my cat Natural Instinct pure chicken raw meat and would like some advice on it and your experiences with Natural Instinct or Raw meat in general, please. I don't know if that alone is nutritional enough or has enough fibre for my cat and if not, what do I need to add to...
  3. TheTopaz

    Meat Grinders for Raw Diet Cats

    Hi! I am starting to do my own research on the topic of best meat grinders for making homemade raw cat food. I was wondering if anyone here loves their meat grinder, and if so, can you please share with me the brand and why? I am unsure of what to look for in a meat grinder.
  4. RoxannK

    Picky Sphynx Food

    I've been trying to convert our sphinx girl to raw diet this week. I know it may take some time but so far she does not like ground turkey at all but will pick at and periodically finish a chicken breast meal (both mixed with supplements). I have tried adding broth to both and she nixed...