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runny eyes

  1. sugarmeat3500

    A Different Tail! Congestion,Sneezing,Mucus...and It's Not Herpes

    Hi SphynxLair Family! My name is Nikki & I have a confession...I have been lurking for 6 years...Yes, head hung low...6 years & this is my first post. I even lost my beloved 5 1/2 year old Sphynx Heru October 19, 2016 to Heart Failure and I still didnt reach out:cry:. Well...today is...
  2. H

    Adopted cat is sick

    Hello! I finally adopted a 3 year old sphynx cat from a couple. I'm super excited to have her, and she is absolutely amazing. They told me she is about 3 years old. I brought her home 2 weeks ago, and she has been sneezing, has runny eyes and stuffy nose ever since. I asked her previous owners...
  3. J

    My poorly baby Winnie! Please help.

    Hi everyone! I have a new lovely 8 month old kitten named Winter (Winnie) and unfortunately my first post about her on here is asking for help as she is a little poorly :( I got her just under two weeks ago on the 9th December. My boyfriend went to collect her but she had a very long car...
  4. kelsheyyx

    Not only my first Sphynx, but my first cat! I have many questions!

    Hi all :) I'm Kelsey and I just got my baby girl Ophelia this past Sunday. I am SO in love with her! I've seen a lot of people posting about kittens getting used to dogs. I have two Shih Tzu/Yorkie mixes, and they are veryyyy curious about her. And as small as they are, they seem huge compared...
  5. AmandaP

    Runny eyes

    I have had my male for about a year now. His eyes are always runny. It is NOT accompanied by any other symptoms such as sneezing. I changed his food and litter and it got a little better, but they still are runny quite often. I am thinking maybe the shampoo I use? I use Johnsons baby shampoo and...
  6. Bindiandpumpkin

    Eye help needed!

    I have had my two sphynx babies for just over a week. I've noticed clear liquid from their eyes which I know is normal, but one of them now has a swollen eye... At least I think it is swollen is not red or bulging out and there isn't any nasty coloured pus but it looks almost half closed? Should...
  7. admin

    Sphynx with Feline Herpes and L-Lysine

    Lysine can also be used for colds or to reduce cold symptoms like sneezing, runny nose and runny eyes in sphynx, not just herpes. See the dosage below. Always see your vet before e diagnosing or medicating your pet. Feline herpes- is one of the most common respiratory diseases in cats. Since...