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  1. SarahShambles


    I’m beside myself I’ve just been cleaning my church and lifted his tail and it’s red raw! I’m so upset as I’m going away on Wednesday and he’ll be having someone pop round a few times a day! I’m going to call the vets in the morning! I feel like crying as I feel so bad for him he must be In a...
  2. Monkey and Bare

    Face markings

    Hello all, just a couple of quick questions about my boys face - has any one else’s ever hurt themselves like this? (Photo attached) It may have been when he was playing with his sister but I wasn’t here to see it! Also, interested to know if anyone else’s has a birthmark like Bare does...
  3. Maddy Ishues

    Dry skin spots?

    hello, im new to sphynx lair so I’m not sure if this topic has been covered. My 2 month old sphynx kitty has developed sore like rashes on his legs. He also has a similar dry spot on his back but it is not bleeding like the ones on his legs are. He was sick two weeks ago, sneezing, watery...
  4. Crombie00


    My girl cat has a small red sore on her front leg. It was starting to heal and now it's reopened. Probably got it from fighting with her brother. What should I do? Im assuming I'll need to take her to the vet? Don't want this to get any worse! I can post a pic if I forgive out how on here.
  5. Frances

    Blister/Sore explanation?

    Hi everybody! I've been pretty busy working a lot of overtime and didn't really have time to give little Luna her bath and she got pretty dirty, I noticed she was licking herself trying to get clean so I decided to give her a bath right away. I noticed she had a sore on her neck that had...
  6. Annubrius

    Scabbing after vaccine?

    Hello, SL! I brought my little boy Nuhn in for a vet check for Upper Respiratory problems last Friday. He gave him meds, along with an antibiotic vaccine to treat from inside as well. It bruised as expected, but after a couple of days, it's scabbed and begun to peel around the edges. I...
  7. pussiette

    Tail help

    Hi there my baby has always had a habit of chewing her tail since she was a little kitten but there has never been any issues. Over the past couple of days we noticed the tip of her tail looked different. We are going to take her to the vet tomorrow night as the man we see is not available today...
  8. Don Waffle

    Sore on Back after Spay....??

    Hello my fellow Lairians! I love coming to visit here and there and see all these cute little fur-less balls of love! They're all so sweet!! I have a question though, regarding Waffles. She Is 2.5 Years old and we had her spayed last Wednesday. There was an injection site, and off to the...