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  1. $5 says I can jump to the other side!

    $5 says I can jump to the other side!

  2. Monica

    Purrfect Thermostat Temp?

    I'm curious as to the temperatures y'all keep your houses at for your kitties! We keep our house at 72-73 during the day, and 68 at night. Kenzo wears sweaters about 1/2 the time, but even naked, he doesn't seek out blankets very often. At night he does sleep under the covers. The colder night...
  3. @kingkenzobare_


    Kenzo finally getting used to having a camera in his face 24/7 lol. Poor babes!
  4. Monica


    :cat: A question about sphynx whiskers... Do whiskers come and go like the fuzziness? Kenzo had some short brittle whiskers and a few brow hairs when we got him. They never grew and stayed until today... I noticed one was bent in half so went to look closer and, without any resistance, it...
  5. @kingkenzobare_


    He looks like a laughing hyena lol.
  6. @kingkenzobare_


    Snuggles with Boogie. Such good boys!
  7. @kingkenzobare_


  8. @kingkenzobare_


    Kenzo decided he wanted to try out elf life this morning.
  9. @kingkenzobare_


  10. @kingkenzobare_


  11. @kingkenzobare_


  12. Monica

    What does your sphynx smell like?!?

    After 10 days of being essentially scentless, Kenzo Bare is now developing the faintest hint of a smell... It was a familiar scent, but I couldn't put my finger on it. I read through an old post about sphynx smells on the Sphynx FB group to try to pinpoint this aroma. Was it mushrooms...
  13. Monica

    My Seal Mink Nudie <3

    I wait impatiently every Saturday for weekly update photos of my boy! Here he is, 7 weeks old and counting... Kenzo Bare, officially.
  14. Monica

    I have a confession...

    I do not like cats.... .... like AT ALL... ... I am a DOG PERSON... who loves Sphynx Whew! It feels good to get that off my chest! :p:) To be entirely honest, I’ve had a couple cats in my childhood. My ex-roommates had cats, my neighbors had cats, and my friends had cats; all furry, all...
  15. Sophie Hudson

    Intro to the lair

    Hi my name is Sophie Hudson and I am the ma to one sassy almost two year old boy named Nigel. Sadly Nigel needs as much room as baby horse when it comes to playing so while I'm away at college Nigel lives the pampered life with his Grandparents. I am currently looking to adopt another kitty, a...
  16. Mirelys

    In search of sphynx cat or kittens, FL, will travel anywhere!

    Hello all, im looking to adopt a sphynx cat. I currently live in Miami, Florida and have no pets as of now, however, I've always had pets before. I'm willing to travel just about anywhere to pick up this fur baby if necessary. After giving it a lot of thought I realized that I'm lonely since my...
  17. QueenBeanToes

    New sphynx kitten -Kyng

    This is my new babe Kyng. He is a long legged experimental bambino. He's a blue and white with big beautiful eyes. He's a tank and literally insane, but a cuddle monster. His favorite place to sleep is on my face. My other sphynx , Bean, is really enjoying having a baby brother! Although I...
  18. C

    Looking to adopt a Sphynx

    Hello I have been in search of a lovely sphynx kitten to provide a great loving home for. I absolutely love Sphynx cats first fell in love with the breed 3 years ago when my friend adopted a lovely one eyed sphynx. I have since been reading up all I can about them. I live in Washington state...
  19. tatt00wife

    Lucifur Cornelius Is Home!

    Sorry it took me a couple days to share but I have not left my new babies side!:cat: ... It was a long road trip getting my new baby (9 hr drive total) but on the way back he was perfect...wasn't trouble at all on the way back home! The person we got him from said "be prepared! he will pee,poop...
  20. tatt00wife

    Getting my baby on tuesday! :D

    Hello, My name is Britt and I live in Las Vegas. I am a soon to be new cat owner & he of course is a Sphynx! I am so excited! after waiting what seems like forever...I get to pick up my baby boy on tuesday! If anyone has tips on what I should get before picking him up I would love to get some...
  21. TheCatGuy

    New to the Lair and Soon to Bring Home My First Sphynx!

    Hey All! My name is Brian and I will be a new proud owner of "Maple" a little tortie Sphynx at the end of March or the first week of April. I cant wait to welcome her to my family. After being a longtime lurker of the SphynxLair I thought it was finally time to join the community, after all...I...
  22. Tree Elves

    Tree Elves

  23. morganjeanne33

    my 5 month old boy has a heart murmur.. any insight?

    I just went to the vet to get my new 5 month old boy checked out (my first sphynx) ... vet found a heart murmur and recommends that i see a cardiologist. I set up an appointment for next week but i'm still very concerned and anxious and would like to see if anyone has had any similar situations...
  24. celesteandbrina

    Moving houses with 3 month old Sphynx

    Hey all, I have had Sabrina for almost a month now, and I am finally moving out of my dad's house to my own 1 bedroom home. I feel bad about moving her again, but I have to.:( I move this Tuesday and I plan on keeping her at my dads until Tuesday night, when I will be 95% moved in. Most of the...
  25. celesteandbrina

    Lil skin bump

    Hey guys This could be a silly question haha but I found a little bump on Sabrina. Not sure what it is. Could it be a bug bite or pimple? Its not red or anything. It seems to not bother her, just wondering. I will attach a pic. Thoughts and tips appreciated