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  1. ZekeTheSphynx

    New Jersey vet for my new boy

    Hi I just got a baby boy he’s 3 months and I’m wondering if anyone had any vet recommendations in New Jersey specifically in south orange or surrounding areas within 30 mins or so. Thank you!
  2. Cocoandcirca

    Awakening from anesthesia worries

    Hi everyone :-) My 8 year old sphynx girl will be undergoing a teeth extraction soon and I’m worried as hell about the anesthesia. I have been reading everything in here about avoiding ketamine and which other options to suggest to my vet. However I can’t seem to find anything about the...
  3. Sharnsphynx

    Ear mites

    So I noticed our little boy was showing symptoms of ear mites. Took him to the vets and they inspected and confirmed it. I just don’t understand how he could’ve got them? He’s an indoor cat, with no other animals in the house. He came from a fab breeder, who’s sphinxes are indoor and none of his...
  4. beccerzz11

    Vets in DC area?

    Wybie and I are on the move again! I was wondering if anyone had any vet recommendations in the DC / DMV area? :) thank you!
  5. beccerzz11

    Vet in DC/MD? (and cardiologist?)

    Hi all! I'm moving to Maryland and need a vet! Do any of you have any recommendations of vets with experience with sphynxes? Also looking for a cardiologist - he'll need his HCM scan when I go! Thanks! Becca
  6. A

    Vet in NYC

    Hello, I live in NYC and have 3 hairless cats. I'm looking for a vet near me at has experience with hairless cats. I've been going to a vet in crown heights for about 3 years, but they don't know much about hairless cats. My bambino has a skin rash and other health issues. I've gone multiple...
  7. moodynudie

    Looking For a Vet Recommendation

    Hello, everyone! As some of you may have heard, my 13 week old kitten, Fig, is sick, and so far, the vet I'm seeing hasn't been of much help. I live around Appleton, Wisconsin and was wondering if any of you lovely people know of a vet in the area that has experience with the Sphynx breed. The...
  8. beccerzz11

    Vet in MA?

    Hi! I posted before and hope it's okay that I'm posting again -- does anyone have any vet recommendations in the Boston area? I have a car and am willing to drive. I found an older thread on this and someone said Shawsheen Hospital in Tewksbury, and another said a vet in Tewksbury but did not...
  9. Adalie

    Urinary Tract Obstruction

    Last Saturday our sweet Atticus was frantically trying to pee but couldn't. We immediately took him to the vet where they emptied his bladder and tried to massage the blockage out by hand. Unfortunately, this did not work. We transferred him to a 24-hour vet and had a catheter put in. Three...
  10. beccerzz11

    questions about a new sphynx

    I just have a few questions as a first time mom! 1. Is there ANY air freshener that is non-toxic to these babies? 2. Currently he is being free fed solid gold grain free high protein so he has food throughout the day and then is being given 2x a day Darwin’s natural pet food raw chicken. Is...
  11. DobsMom13046

    Help me find a vet!

    I live in Northern Illinois near the Iowa border and I need to find a vet who actually know Sphynx cats... anyone live in my neck of the woods who can point me in the right direction. If it helps I live in the Whiteside/Carroll County area in Illinois. Asap. THANKS Cate and Dobs.
  12. jtkirk

    Brisbane Vet Recommendations

    Hey guys! Does anyone have any vets in/around Brisbane (Australia) with sphynx experience that they would recommend? We live right near the CBD so the more central the better. Our gotcha day is Saturday (!!!!!) and I am so excited getting everything ready! On a side note, we are bringing home...
  13. kirasmom

    Eye infection? Need advice!

    What used to be the occasional eye booger seems to have increased for our girl recently. I am now cleaning out discharge from her eyes at least twice a day... and initially I thought maybe just allergies were getting to her, but the discharge has gotten less "black" as it dries (which I think is...
  14. PeachesAndJune

    How much should I be feeding my cats?

    Hello! My name is Jen and I am a new member here. I am curious as to how much food you would typically feed your sphynx cats? A little back story: I became a new sphynx mom to sisters Peaches & June back in late August 2017. They will be a year old May 31st this year. Yesterday we had a routine...
  15. Schutzzzie

    Vet Glasgow UK?

    I know it’s a long shot since most of the members here are US based but I was wondering if any of the Scottish members, particularly Glasgow based could recommend a vet that has experience with sphynx cats? Otherwise, does anyone have an advice if I end up having to go to a vet without...
  16. Bailey21

    Recommendation for a Vet in Hamilton, ON Canada

    Good morning, I would like to recommend Dr. Ervin Harxhi at Stone Church Animal Clinic in Hamilton, Ontario. I had a wonderful experience with my sphynx here, right off the bat he started by asking us if we had any questions for him before he even started his exam with our baby (which of course...
  17. Toulouse

    URI and now peeing on carpet

    My Toulouse is 5 months. I adopted him neutered. He was fantastic no litter issues. In November he got a URI was put on meds. Cleared up. The end of November we went on vacation. I has people come to the house so he wouldn’t get lonely. We got back and found that he had been peeing in my...
  18. JojoCatMama

    Kinked/Compressed Tail

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to give you all an update of Merlin and Tansy. Both kittens have been doing great, except that on Sunday we noticed Merlin had a sizable lump on his tail. Feeling it, it was hard and I guessed some sort of fracture or maybe a hard abscess. Hubby took him to the vet...
  19. Ddungo

    First Vet Visit

    Hey all, I'm finally getting my first sphynx kitten on Sunday and am beyond excited. I want to get him checked by a vet during the 72 hour agreement.The breeder said he will already be up to date on all his shots but I will also have to get the rabies shot (required by my state's law). What do...
  20. Anansi

    Vet in the Brisbane area.

    Hey guys I have started doing some research into vets in Brisbane that specialise in cats and potentially Sphynxs or at least have prior experience and was wondering if any of the Australian members knew of any good vets. I am not opposed to driving to get to the vet but would prefer it closer...
  21. Maddie

    Kibble Suggestions / Rant

    Back to needing a new kibble, all because of the vet suggested food. So, Astrid has lost the weight she had to use, so the vet (different than the one I normally see, this one is the cat-specific one) suggested I feed a Science Diet dental care t/d along with the RC calorie control... I told...
  22. Blackcat1313

    Looking for vet near Lake Geneva WI area

    I am currently looking for a vet for Fuggles in or near Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. I wouldn't mind traveling up to an hour. If they are knowledgeable in dermatology that would be a plus. Thanks!
  23. Maddie

    Astrid's vet visit

    "Screw youmon vaccine time for miss Astrid lol plus a check up. Jaws is finally at the ideal weight!!! (3.03kg) so just substaining her weight now. Bbbbuuuuttttttt her rash thing on her back gets flea treatment, not that there is a flea on her anywhere. Vet isn't 100% sure they even are bites...
  24. GMPLAX23

    new sneezing

    Hi guys, I am leaning on my Sphynx Family for help! Last night, Tut began sneezing. Its way too much for my liking but i don't know if i am just a concerned momma. I made sure to check and his eyes are clear and his nose dry. I'm hoping by the time I get home from work, he will not be sneezing...
  25. Alouette

    Vet in NYC area for tooth extraction

    Hi! Ellibelly came to me with broken upper canines from the home she was seized from (unfortunately she is a rescue with a very sad backstory :unsure: ) - at the time the vet said to leave them be until they got worse/started giving her trouble, and at her last check up he thought that they...