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  1. Sarahg925

    Vets in the California East Bay

    I have a beautiful baby boy and I am looking for a vet in my area that is familiar with the sphinx breed and am coming up short. Is anyone from the area and know of a knowledgeable vet? My boy needs to be neutered and I know there are some concerns with certain anesthesia (particularly...
  2. Kiersten

    Birmingham, AL Vet Recommendations

    Hi all! I am adopting my baby boy here soon and I wanted to get some feedback on vets in the Birmingham, AL area that have experience with sphynx cats. I am living in Tuscaloosa, AL currently so looking for any vets within 1-2 hour drive. Thanks!!
  3. Tamsin

    Sphynx boil?!

    Our Sphynx boy gets some pretty epic feline acne, we do our best to keep on top of it considering tictac likes to be a grubby boy! We noticed a lump on his chin that started off like a blind zit and got larger, we took him to the vets and with a course of antibiotics it almost disappeared. It...
  4. Camski84

    Hi all! Need vet help (NYC)

    Hello! I recently purchased my Sphynx in orange county NY and finally took him home last Thursday :-) The kids and I are enjoying this little guy- he's so full of life! I took him to Bronx veterinary center and the vet didn't believe me about Merrill vaccinations only and no matacam etc etc so...
  5. Toots182

    Please help

    Hi there everyone, I'm really new to this but I have a bit of a question about my 4 year old baby Danzig. About a week ago he was heaving and was sick, only thing that came up was some food he had eaten. I would assume if this was a normal cat the heaving would be because of a hairball? But...
  6. Amy31

    Good bye walnuts!

    so! I feel like I'm over posting at the moment and feel like an over protective crazy, but I enjoy having fellow cat mums and dads reassurance and now more than ever I need it! Upon discussions with my vet about the use in ketamine and my not being to happy with the discussion I have rung round...
  7. Amy31

    The big snip!

    Hey guys, so I booked Lucifet in today have the chop in January, whilst under they will chip him, clean his ears and teeth however! I've read up online awhile ago how they can be allergic to ketamine, and how one little sphynx went off for his teeth cleaned and never came home! So I am beside...
  8. Morgan

    Low cost Neutering and Ketamine

    When I originally got Pierogi from the breeder I was in a much better place financially. I was living with cheap rent and good roommates, and working a job that paid well. That was months ago, and it wasn't long after I got Pierogi that everything started going down hill. Huge changes have taken...
  9. Elaina

    Can anyone answer my two questions?

    I thought I may as well put my two questions into one thread! One question being one that is starting to concern me and the other being a more general question. Any advice would be great. My Gabbi is 6 months old now. I'm just a little concerned with her breathing? Only when she is asleep/comes...
  10. ivana


    ANY GOOD VETS IN LOS ANGELES, CA?! I NEED A SECOND OPINION HELPPP!!!! Went yesterday to take Lotus to the vet, and had a very unpleasant experience. The doctor checked his heart and said that he had a heart mur mur... a heart mur mur?! We were shocked. Lotus is turning 1 at the end of the month...