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  1. Seamoresdad

    Dark spotting help

    These spots started to appear just recently and I was curious if this is normal spotting, tough dirt, or something worse. He is a 7 month old dwelf and I bathe him once every week and half with baby wipes and coconut oil in between baths. These spots have not gone away with any scrubbing and is...
  2. Shontae


    Hello again everyone! I have another question (they just seem to keep sprouting up!). So I am looking into the Hylyt shampoo and I noticed there is a creme conditioner, and I wonder is that relevant or good for my kitty? I also was looking into getting Burt's Bees for dogs paws and nose, as I...
  3. admin

    Bathing your Sphynx Cat

    Sphynx cats tend to show dirt and oil for the lack of fur, their skin produces the same oils as a fully furred cat (sebum), but the oil is not spread or hidden in the fur. Some sphynx cats will get dirtier more frequently than others. Keep in mind more frequent bathing can actually cause your...