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advice needed

  1. P

    Kitten had bath last night & is already looking dirty

    So last night, after looking mighty grubby, we gave him his first bath in his new home. He was very well behaved! The only problem now is... he's absolutely dirty again. I dunno how he's managed it or what it's come off of, but her's so grubby and the baby wipes just aren't cutting it. I don't...
  2. moodynudie

    My New Kitten is Sick

    I'm worried sick about my Sphynx kitten, Fig, and would really appreciate some suggestions. He has been vomiting and having diarrhea for three days now. On January 1st, I picked up my beautiful 13 week old Sphynx kitten from a breeder who has been breeding Sphynx for over 20 years. On January...
  3. P

    I'm going to become a first time Sphynx cat mum!! [UK]

    Please forgive me if I post this in the wrong place. I've been wanting a Sphynx for a while now and my Fiance surprised me by telling me he's going to get one for my 30th birthday!! I'm super excited but I'm also a little nervous as this is a completely new experience for me. I've owned cats in...
  4. nyp0n

    Advice?♡ Travelling far to pick our baby up from breeder

    Hi! Me and my boyfriend are so lucky to have found the most adorable and wonderful little sphynx girl (she's five months old) and we are going to bring her home in a few weeks. The problem is we are travelling by train, and it will take about 10-12 hours with only two breaks. Her breeder says...
  5. Toots182

    I need advice on kitties stools/diet. Possible colitis.

    Hi everyone. Please, any advice or own accounts would be appreciated. I have a 5 year old Sphynx who's stools were a little on the runny side with mucus and what looked like fresh blood. His eating is normal and he is a good weight. If a little on the lighter side. He's never been a fat cat. I...
  6. Sarahstar66

    Best Dry Food?

    I see a lot of discussion about raw diets here, and as much as I would love to participate in that, I just don't think I'll have the time or the stomach (both my boyfriend and I are vegetarian) to make it work well. So I'm on the hunt to find the best types of dry food that others use. I've seen...
  7. Sarahstar66

    Kitten Proofing!

    Our gotcha day isn't until the end of March, but I'm too excited not to be preparing the house already. And I just think you can never start too soon with these things. I guess my big picture question is: just how curious IS your Sphynx? My boyfriend and I both work during the day. He usually...
  8. misseliss

    New Environment Stress or Vet Care?

    Hi All, I need your help and opinions! Day 4 of having the kitten, she's 3 mos old and we have been slowly introducing her to the dog (no close interactions.) She has finally gotten the hang of using the litter again, but is throwing up the little amount of food she is eating each day and...
  9. Kyliemckenna

    Brand new to the Sphynx, I need some help

    Hello everyone! I am getting my new baby boy in early May and I can't help but feel that time is moving by quickly and I want to be as prepared as I can be. Anyways, I've been researching like crazy on the best diets for a sphynx and feel so overwhelmed with options. My breeder recommended...