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  1. Eliz Eleven

    Coughing - hacking

    Hi everyone- so we have had a rough few months. We brought home Lola- she was sicker than the breeder let on- Eye Infection. URI, Giardia - but we got her healthy and thriving. On the other hand, poor Eleven has had to deal with all the similar issues. We had to put her on a strong triple...
  2. DobsMom13046

    My Asthma attacks.... Help?

    Hello new friends! I am a 23yo female in Illinois. I am a new first time Sphynx mom to a 3 month old. I am allergic to all hairy cats but in the month that I've had my Dobby I have not had any of my typical allergic reactions. I was so excited. But now I think I have a problem. I have low grade...
  3. Asthma


    Asthma attack
  4. kauna

    kitty asthma?

    I took Agnes to the vet today. She was a little congested last week and seemed to be getting better. I didn't think anything of it but she did have a few coughing fits (while congested) but hasn't had any as of late. I being the crazy sphynx mommy took a couple of videos of it because it's hard...
  5. Sammicarkeys

    I am constantly so worried about my cat and his health!

    I brought home my sweet boy a month ago. He is now 4 months old and weighs about 5 lbs. He didn't act out of the ordinary..but his poop smelled god awful. Well, it turns out that he had Giardiasis and Coccidiosis. Treated both and after his last dose he started having diarrhea with blood. Weird...
  6. Mal

    Pete - Possible Feline Herpes or Asthma

    Hi, Im being a big baby about this so bare with me. Yesterday morning Pete had a massive coughing/wheezing/gasping for air attack. In the past few weeks he had 2 similar things happen but it was no where near as severe as what occurred yesterday. Also a few weeks ago he had gotten into some...
  7. moelleux

    Asthma? Worried about Theo

    My kitty Theo has always had respiratory issues (sneezing, green mucus etc) and vets always seem to blow it off after they run some tests and see his blood work is ok. He's been tested for feline leukemia and FIV. But he's never had a chest X-Ray, which I just called and made an appointment for...
  8. guest

    Sphynx wheezing cough

    Occasionally my 8 year old male Sphynx will have cough attacks where he will stretch his neck out and start wheezing. I took him to the vet and they could not find anything wrong with him. They even did x-rays. Does anybody else's Sphynx do this and do you know why??
  9. peachfuzz

    Hi from CT :)

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to say a proper hello, and thanks for being such an informative resource on Sphynx cats! I'm falling in love with these little kitties, but trying to hold back until I know for sure my husband can handle them. I'm hoping that we can bring home a Sphynx of our very own...
  10. BynxTheSphynx

    Coughing or Wheezing?

    Bynx has always coughed or wheezed, at least even since I can remember. I'm actually not sure what to call it? He extends his neck and makes this god awful noise. I have tried to watch videos of cat's coughing or wheezing but none of them sound the same. I am just worried it could be HCM. I have...