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  1. Monica

    Hats on Cats?? (SEND dressed NUDES)

    Full Monty or Dapper Dan?? Do you dress up your sphynx, or prefer a fully nude, nude? Did your sphynx take to clothing easily, or was it a transition? Please share your experiences dressing, or failing to dress, your naked babies! Brand recommendations wanted. Pictures of your sphynx in...
  2. Anansi

    Sphynx clothes.

    Hey everyone there is a super great Australian Indie brand that makes Sphynx clothes, hope this post is allowed. They work with my breeder and every kitten comes home with a cute little shirt :) They are pretty cheap for Australia not sure in comparison to other countries I'm terrible at...
  3. GMPLAX23

    Are you looking for clothes for your sphynx?

    I have 3 shirts of Tut's that he has out-grown. I would like to find someone that really needs them, I know they can get expensive with other new kitten expenses. One is a training shirt the others are bigger. I got Tut around 2.5 months when he fit the trainer and was 4 to 6 months when he fit...
  4. Maddie

    HOW TO: Shirt and Skirt

    Hello! Here is a tutorial on how I made Astrid's dress, which is a shirt and a skirt. Material: Fabric - I used about half a meter, but I had bought a meter to play with. Thread Elastic - I just picked a thin on I had on hand, 1/2 inch Measurements: Shirt - Neck circumference, gut...
  5. Maddie

    Princess Astrid's Royal Gown

    So, if I disappear it's because Astrid killed me in my sleep tonight lol. I decided to make her a princess dress! Lol I completely eyeballed it and it turned out pretty well! She hasn't decided if she likes it or not yet though. I'm currently getting the death glare but she hasn't pulled at it...
  6. Danniej

    Sphynx Clothes

    Hey guys, as some of you know my gotcha day is the 8th! I'm curious about where you all get clothes(sweaters and shirts) for you little nakids? I've been told by my kittens breeder that Sphynx can be hard to find a good fit for, so if you have any suggestions i'd love to check out some sites!
  7. Maddie

    Clothes for Shpynx! Baby clothes...

    So I saw this post on Pinterest.... So OBVIOUSLY I had to try it... So I put Astrid in a baby sleeper to test out the sizing... the sleepers are for an actual baby, but the mom won't mind Astrid hanging out it on for a few photos haha. The size was good length wise, but was too big...
  8. Nudie Patootie

    Valentine's Clothing

    www.SphynxNudiePatootie.com Valentine's Day is just around the corner and we have just finished listing our 2016 Valentines Collection! There are limited quantities in each size and when they are gone...they are gone! Make sure to take advantage of our free shipping domestically and flat rate...
  9. Nudie Patootie

    Christmas Clothes

    www.SphynxNudiePatootie.com Christmas is just around the corner and we have just finished listing our 2015 Christmas Collection! There are limited quantities in each size and when they are gone...they are gone! Make sure to take advantage of our free shipping domestically and flat rate...
  10. Nudie Patootie

    Halloween Clothes

    www.SphynxNudiePatootie.com Who is ready for Halloween? We have had so many requests for more Halloween Shirts, we wanted to let you know that we still have some Halloween inventory! Fleece witches and several one of a kind tshirts from Peanut through Lots to Love sizes! Tons of vibrant color...
  11. Nudie Patootie

    Sphynx Cat Clothing

    Hello from the Nudie Mamas (aka Michelle and Jessica)! It is so nice to see so many of our friends here from Instagram--many of you know us as @SphynxNudiePatootie We are a mother daughter team, and between the two of us, own four sphynx cats! In the fall of 2013, we brought home our very...
  12. Mr. Biggles and Tater Tot

    Mr. Biggles and Tater Tot

    Good Morning Everyone! :)
  13. Janadean Ross

    What's your favorite sphynx shops?

    So I sat down tonight to try my hand at making some clothes for Mr. Kurley cause he loves wearing them and I like knowing that he is warm. Anywho, that didn't work out as well as I hoped - the pattern I used was long enough but was too wide around. Going to keep on trying but until then...
  14. Kiapi

    Sphynx clothes in China

    Hi All, i live in Shanghai and i was wondering if there is anyone in China with Sphynx that i can talk to. I have a lot of problems finding clothes for my two ones and buying them from the US to be shipped here is very expensive. Is anyone here in China who i can talk to about where to buy...
  15. purple people pleaser

    purple people pleaser

    he is so little here, this sweater is barely big enough to hold him anymore
  16. BluesMummy

    Blues New Hoodie....

    As some of you may know Blue HATES clothes but we are trying to get him used to wearing them, weve bought him the most adorable hoodie & he seemed to tolerate it for half an hour or so, for those of you who are not on instagram & seen his photos i thought i'd show off my lovely little man...
  17. BusterTheCat

    Ordering Clothes

    Hi! I ordered Buster a tank top a while ago. I was just wondering how long it took you guys to receive your Woofies and Meowers clothing. I messaged Woofies and Meowers on Facebook a few days ago but haven't gotten a response. The e-mail address doesn't work for me :/
  18. Seppo

    A fashionable young man....

    Seppo is wearing a very special coat. It was knitted by a colleague of mine form a mixture of lambs' wool and cat fur from the furriest of my crowd. She carded it and blended it herself, and made this. He loves it. It is incredibly warm and soft. Really special. Karin