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dry skin

  1. MaisyMom

    Sphynx itching til bleeding

    Hi. I have a 6 year old spayed female sphynx that is consistently itches her neck. She does this until she scratches it badly and it bleeds. She doesn’t have any bumps or skin issues. I have tried changing her food to no resolve. What could be causing the itchy ness? What should I try to...
  2. AlbertoMp3

    My cats skin is a bit dry

    Hi this is Juno she’s my 7month old Sphinx! Recently she got these spots on her arms and chest and it seems a bit flakey. I don’t know if she spends the day sunbathing when I’m at work but could that be it ? She has a vet appointment but do you guys have any home remedies ? Should I try a warm...
  3. NakedMargie

    New member and possible pigmentation question!

    Hello! It’s about time I finally joined! I’ve had cats all my life but just got my first naked baby, Cream, 2 years ago. While my vet is wonderful and knowledgeable, I live in a very small town and their knowledge of Sphynx is limited. I’ve been visiting Sphynx Lair for all my questions and...
  4. Nbout

    Overbathing Sphynx Skin Cure

    I have recently rescued two sphynx cats from the shelter and am still getting up to speed with their care. I have been giving weekly baths which at first worked fine, but now the more pink girl is showing signs of overbathing. She is collecting extra oil around her neck and belly but also...
  5. KillerVegan

    Dry Skin

    My baby Lentil is under a year old and up until the last 10 days has never had any skin issues. He is now having dry skin that flakes off in large pieces sometimes. We have applied both coconut and olive oil with moderate success. It doesn’t seem itchy to him, just sensitive. We do have a vet...
  6. Greenman

    Dry blood around mouth and neck?

    I often wake up in the morning to find my sphynx with dry blood around her face and neck. I was thinking she might be scratching too much and/or her skin is too dry. I don't see her scratching these areas excessively during the day. Any help or recommendations appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Maddy Ishues

    Dry skin spots?

    hello, im new to sphynx lair so I’m not sure if this topic has been covered. My 2 month old sphynx kitty has developed sore like rashes on his legs. He also has a similar dry spot on his back but it is not bleeding like the ones on his legs are. He was sick two weeks ago, sneezing, watery...
  8. Kristen G

    HELP! Dry stained skin

    im really worried about jax's skin. Since yesterday its been extremely dry almost like raw under his neck and pits and stained brown. It wont come off with soap or wipes. The night before this happened we gave him a bath and used exfoliating gloves and hylyt. Maybe my hubby scrubbed too hard...
  9. stewardyhoward

    Help! Rash/Dry Skin around the eyes?!

    Hello dearest Sphynx Lovers, Our Little Howard has another problem now and it didn't change since I also tried only grain free food. Since some weeks he's wearing a black "coon" mask over his face. Also his paws seem to be a little cankerous from cleaning his eyes. Sometimes the skin seems to be...
  10. deanna

    dry skin and wanting to use lush products

    in a old thread i saw a few people saying that lush products work well with their sphynx. i was wondering what recommendation you would have for what products i can and should not use on them. this is day 4 having my dobby. i have yet to give him his first bath next week his breeder was using...
  11. NewMama

    Fungus, ringworm, or what?!

    I can't find my Post from several days ago. I'm a new sphynx mama to Pharoah. He is about 4 years old. I emailed a breeder asking what is going on with his coat and she said ringworm. I have three Young children and no money for a vet. All input appreciated tremendously, and thanks you to the...
  12. Deannalyn

    Sphynx Dry skin

    My spuddie has very dry skin and gets flakey. I've also noticed he has some rough spots on his rear that have become darkend. Almost looks rash like to an extent. Not painful for him but have no clue why it's happening. I purchased some emu oil shampoo and after his bath put pure coconut oil on...
  13. anoirb

    Overall help needed with bath regimen!

    I've noticed with one of my babies that the day after I bathe him, he gets really really dry skin. I've tried several different shampoos and they all seem to break him out or give him super dry, flaky skin. Wondering if anyone else has had this problem and has any tips on how to clear it up...
  14. elleinad8050

    Remedy for Dry Skin?

    My sphynx recently became very dry all over his body. I can see his skin become a little flakey. Any suggestions on what I can do? I imagine this is from the recent weather change, it is fall and dry.