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ear infection

  1. LisaBrass

    Eye issues after ear treatment..

    Hello y’all, hoping someone might have some insight that’ll calm this Mama’s heart. I recently took my boy, Zion (3yo), into a somewhat new vet for what I thought might be allergies.. he had a watery left eye that wasn’t getting better like it usually would. Vet checked/tested ears and ended up...
  2. K

    Can my cats new presription food be causing an ear infection?

    Hello there, Im hoping to get a little advice here or To hear other opinions. My 5 year old sphynx Peaches has been in good health up until recently when he experienced a urinary obstruction, which required a hospital stay and among other things a catheder to help him urinate properly again...
  3. Good Juju

    Ear mites, ear infection, or normal?

    Hi everyone! My little 8 month girl has had itchy ears with wax going all over the place as she scratches her ears with her nails. Sometimes she causes red marks to her face, and most of the time, she has wax on and around her ears and neck. I clean them every few days or once a week. I used to...
  4. Nicky00

    Ear issue

    Hi! Odd question but is it a sign of an ear infection if one ear is significantly more dirty than the other? One of my kittens ear is waxy after cleaning while one is fairly clean for a week. Is that normal?
  5. Bburkhart

    Ear problems & behaviors because of it?

    Hello! My little Angus baby is a year old and his ears are SOOO dirty all the time (obviously I clean them often). A while ago he was scratching at his ear a lot, so I took him to the vet and she said that everything looked fine. Since, however, it sounds like he has fluid at the base of his...
  6. smokeysphynx

    Long Lasting Ear Infection - Help!

    Hi Sphynx Community, I am looking for help or guidance regarding a long-term ear issue that my 2 year old Sphynx is dealing with. We first noticed yellow and black discharge when we were cleaning his ears in late September. I took him to the vet and she put him on Baytril drops. Those were...
  7. ArlosMom

    Shaking head and scratching at ear

    So for the past few days Arlo has been scratching at his ear and shaking his head a lot. His ears are clean (I do them every few days) and when he gets a bath, I don't let any water on his face or in his ears and just wash that area with a warm, wet washcloth when bath is over. Could he have an...
  8. Reina

    ear ache gone worse..

    Hi all..I could use a little sphynx love and support. My 8 month old boy developed an ear infection, so we took him to the vet as soon as possible. (Yesterday) He has been a ball of issues since we first brought him home and learned that he has FHV, but lately he hasn't had a break out in...
  9. M

    canaural ear drops?

    so noticed some head shaking and ear itching today so I took kitty to the vet and got perscribed canaural ear drops. Anyone use these before? this was my first time at this vet so idk how much experience this vet has had with sphynx cats but paranoid me would like to know if anyone has used them...
  10. zombiequeen13

    Dirty ears!

    Ok I have 2 sphynx kitties. The younger of the two has realllllly dirty ears.. like I clean them for 20+ mins and there is still stuff in there it seems. He also chews on his back claws, I was thinking maybe he has allergies. My older boy never has had ths issue. I have changed both the litter...
  11. kiki3898


    I have been cleaning Gracies ears every wk since i have had her after about 5 days she starts scratching at them I clean them the way the video shows to do it I can see brown stuf i guess wax way down in the ear but cant get it with cotton balls and i dont wont to go that far in the ear is this...