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  1. Rain

    Eye booger stain

    hello, We have a pink Sphynx named rain Lately he’s been getting big eye boogers, this morning his face was stained! It was bath day today and not even the bath removed his stains :( how should I clean him?
  2. MisBlinkyPopeye

    Corneal Ulcer? Help!

    My 4 month old Sphynx, Nala, who I’ve had for 2 weeks started to develop a cloudiness over her eye with a translucent dot in the center of her cornea. It didn’t seem to bother her until the other night I found her bleeding f her left eye. I thought it could be a scratch. I got the bleeding to...
  3. carly gail

    Eye problems (reflective) please help!

    Hi all, I’ve recently noticed that Baldwin’s left eye is reflective in some light. Most of often it appears normal, but as you can see by the photo attached it can be quite noticeable at other times. He is not exhibiting any unusual symptoms or behaviors aside from this. Still- I am very...
  4. KKristen61

    My kitten’s eye

    I got back from a trip yesterday and came home to my baby’s eye looking like this: I took her to the vet and they said she doesn’t have a scratch on her eye and gave me an ointment to put on it but it doesn’t seem to be working yet. Has anyone had this problem before? I don’t want her to be...
  5. sphynkles

    Red Swollen eye!

    I have notice my baby kilo has a half closed red swollen eye! We use 100 percent dust free litter, he has no lashes, and no other cats! Im not sure what is wrong and what to do? Please help!
  6. themodifieddoll

    I'm scared

    I woke up this morning and something was wrong with Godiva's right eye It looks like a film has formed over her entire eye, including her pupil and I can't get her in to see a vet [I've been calling around since 7am and the earliest anyone could see her is the 28th] Could she have hurt herself...
  7. chelrue

    Kittens Eye Color.

    Hello! I am a Sphynx mom of 2 but recently my oldest has past away. And we are waiting on the arrival of our new baby,Steve. My question is about her eyes the breeder who has her sent me a picture of her today and I have never seen eye like this before. Is this just a transition stage to green...
  8. Kyla L

    Yuri's Entropion Update

    So I meant to post this a while ago but with planning our yearly anniversary vacation and working super hard at work I haven't had much time. But I should be back to where I can hang out at the lair more often after this month. My boy Yuri is completely healed from the surgery on his right...
  9. Avery

    Devastating Illness - you too?

    Hey everyone, I love my bambino, Piglet. She is the greatest pet ever but unfortunately she is always sick and she is only 2. She had a cold day 1 when I recieved her and keeps getting worse. In March 2014 one of her blue eyes started to turn green. I took her to many vets and it was...
  10. Dallassummer

    Raw Eyelid

    Simba's eye is taking another beating, third time this year. This time it looks weird. I don't know what's wrong with his poor eyes but every few months they inflame and swell. I attached pictures of what it looks like today. Last time he started sneezing and his eye swelled like the last time...
  11. Moezesucks

    entropian eyelid

    i have come to believe this has is happening to my kitten sphynx, the doc says she has so much skin its just causing her eyelids to turn in. he mentioned the can grow into their skin and that can be resolved. but i mean shes obviously had it awhile now. surgery was suggested to either: A. lazer...
  12. yeaimemi

    Meeka's Back!

    Hello SphynxLair! My name is Emily, & I've been gone for quite some time but decided to hop on back to see how everyone is doing, & reintroduce myself considering I've missed a lot. :) I adopted Meeka from Craigstlist in July of 2012. She came to me with a serious eye infection! We were told...
  13. chickiewawa

    eye boogeys

    Oscar gets eye boogeys everyday. They are kinda big and more firm than soft. Is this normal?
  14. ashewensday


    so bastets eyes have not gotten any better. they actually appear to be getting worse. i have been doing what the vet instructed me to do. 500mg daily of L-lysine and tobramycin 3 times daily. but i want other opinions. are there any vets on this site? her eyes are constantly irritated, she...