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  1. Nimbus2022

    Any good harness for kittens?

    Hi all! We have had little Nimbus for a week now! We want to start harness training him so he can walk on a leash. I have bought two so far specifically for kittens, in the smallest sizes. However they are both too big for him! So big that it almost trips him up and he can take his legs out of...
  2. Bosskitty

    Cat Harness and walking advice

    Hey there! My sphynx Mouse is definitely a door dasher, I don't mind as I live in a secure block of flats and there's nowhere for him to go in the corridor once he manages to escape my flat. He runs around in the hallway, smelling all the smells and exploring and doesn't appear stressed or...
  3. Shontae

    General Questions-New Owner

    Hello everyone! I have my new baby picked out and am impatiently waiting for the first week of November when I can drive 7 hours to go get him! However, in the meantime I am obsessively learning all I can so I can be the best new mom I can be. I have found out so much, but do have a few general...
  4. JenFid

    Walking Mulder, videos!

    Ok, as promised, here are a couple videos of Mulder and I walking down our street :) And here's Ponzu, haha And since so many of you have asked, here is the link to the vendor I got both harnesses from. Mulder's is the long jacket style. LandOBurnsBengals
  5. L

    Do you walk your cat?

    Hello everyone! As some of you know, I will be bringing home my first sphynx next month! I've spent the last few weeks researching/learning everything I need to know about the breed and making sure I'll give Luna the best life ever. One thing that I am curious about is taking her on walks. I...
  6. NevynNoir

    Questions About Walking/Bringing Cat Outside

    Hey there I am hoping I might be able to get some information/suggestions about this topic. I want my kitten to be comfortable going on errands with me, and short walks and such and I am wondering what the best method to get him used to this would be. Currently hes been outside with me a few...
  7. Cattitude

    Harnesses, strollers...

    A few weeks ago while still all broody waiting for Mitsou's gotcha day, I bought a pet stroller from eBay. My plan is to use the stroller to walk my two Sphynxies and possibly Victor (if he fits). To get them used to it, I leave the stroller open with brakes on in my living room. They've all...
  8. Tale Grude

    Teaching my Sphynx to walk on leash

    Hi! I'm in the process of teaching Kisa to walk on a leash. Right now she's just getting used to the harness. I have sessions everyday where I put on the harness and play with her, pet her and give her treats to make her associate the harness with something good. But she tends to bite on it a...