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  1. Natka58

    Insurance question

    Do you have insurance for your cat? if so what kind? I had insurance for our dog and nothing she had was covered. So bot sure it’s worth it for the cat.
  2. Hkay

    Sphynx Baby Hope Sick ( 1 years old)

    My baby Hope started feeling sick two days ago I figured it was allergies, because she has to get an allergy shot every now and then. And I noticed it looks like she has another ear infection. She is smeezing but not a lot. She usually lays in the bed with me under the covers but the past two...
  3. TheTopaz

    Math cat is sick, day two at the vet

    Math seemed fine yesterday until he started violently throwing up around noon, which triggered him to collapse and start uncontrollably pooping. We ran to the emergency vet and they told us his HCM had probably advanced into congestive heart failure and this was a "near death experience" he...
  4. LadyFreya

    10 month old with chronic diarrhea. It's ruining my apartment and mental health

    I have a 10 month old girl who was given to me as a gift- my boyfriend bought her off craigslist from a woman who was SUPER aggressive and mean to me when I called her inquiring about any vet papers (there were none). When i got the kitten, she was already very sick and had a respiratory...
  5. Bindiandpumpkin

    Eye help needed!

    I have had my two sphynx babies for just over a week. I've noticed clear liquid from their eyes which I know is normal, but one of them now has a swollen eye... At least I think it is swollen is not red or bulging out and there isn't any nasty coloured pus but it looks almost half closed? Should...
  6. M

    swollen nipple

    My 5 year old sphynx has a swollen nipple. I just noticed it when giving him his bath. Does this normally happen or is it something to be worried about? Please help with any suggestions if you know what's going on. Thanks My five year old male sphynx has a swollen nipple. I can't tell if its a...