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  1. The Earl Grey

    Need IBD diet recommendations

    My sweet girl Gretchen has IBD. We confirmed with biopsies taken when I had her spayed. The vet started her on Prednisone and Metronidazole. I wanted to stray from prolonged steroid use and opted to look into her diet Years ago I came across a post on here recommending Evangers Dry Cat Food -...
  2. Laura

    Help! Am at my IBS wit's end and do not know what to do anymore.

    Hi all and thank you for letting me post here. My beloved Sphynx, Harold, is almost 6 years old now, and he's owned me since he was a baby. Harold has had IBS since he was about 1 years old. It was never terribly severe until the last few months. One bout a few years ago was so severe he was...
  3. Aden

    Update on Nuru's IBD

    In the last 2 weeks, I have gradually switched Nuru's food from Blue Basics to Royal Canin Sensitive Digestion. His stools have been much firmer and I have noticed that he is more energetic. I am happy with his progress so far but he remains struggling with both constipation and diarrhea. In...
  4. Aden

    Newbie - help me understand my cats IBD

    Hello Sphynx Lair-- In March I adopted a 5-year-old male Sphynx, Nuru, that had been kept by neglectful owners. Since receiving him, I have had several problems with litter box training, "poop tail," and chronic diarrhea. Upon adopting him, I learned that Nuru had Irritable Bowel Disease. I...
  5. nerdgirl

    IBS and CBD?

    Hi all, My mom has her sphynxy Tinsley who has a really bad case of IBS. She can't eat anything without screaming in pain and then having diarrhea. This has been going on for several years and my mom has tried every suggestion under the sun with diets to try to help her, but nothing works. I...
  6. MCLetter

    Recurring Late Night Vomiting, Possible Constipation

    Hi guys - wanted to get some input on Cleo's recent development. The past two nights she has thrown up around 2am. It's completely digested food, not a clear liquid or bile, but it's fairly runny because she's on a raw diet. She eats ground duck with bone 2x a day, and it's been doing great for...
  7. JenniSaysMeow

    Recovering IBD girl

    Hi my names Jenni :) I have a girl that just turned 4 and was diagnosed with IBD. It took us over a month to figure out what was wrong. Thinking it could have been a million things including cancer. I went to a regular vet almost daily where tonnnns of blood work was done, another vet for an...
  8. alex617

    3 weeks diarrhea/loose stool

    Where do I start? First let me point out that I have taken Khaleesi to the vet, on 2 separate occasions. The first time was about 4 months ago when Khaleesi found her way into the kitchen and helped herself to the leftovers (a cooked bratwurst) on the stove. **We have since made the kitchen...
  9. TanyaMeaw

    I am very scared, Please HELP!!!

    I haven't been here in quite a while... And I'm sorry that I haven't been contributing to this wonderful community, i feel awful... I really need your help, advise, suggestions, anything! I think my cat might die... If you have a minute, please read my story, sorry its kinda long... My Nacho...
  10. SarahLovee82

    Sensitive Starla

    Starla has always had a sensitive tummy. If she got herself into anything that was not her regular food she would get really runny poo. A few months ago she & Bentley got hold of a bag of super cheap cat food that I had in my pantry to feed the stray cat that lives in the shed behind my...
  11. SarahLovee82

    IBS what are you feeding

    Hey all. Quick question. Those of you that have kitties that have IBS- What are you feeding them (besides raw) to help control things?
  12. Wrinklestiltskin

    IBS- Our story

    An admin recommended that I share our IBS story, so here goes! My husband and I took over the care of Miss Kitty (now 14) when she was around 5 years old. At the time, she was very overweight, being fed low-quality food, had tooth issues, and had not been bathed, had her ears cleaned, or...