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  1. Deann

    New Kitten, so many questions!

    Hi everyone! My name is Deann and I'm a new mommy to Krypton, an amazing itty bitty sphinx kitty that my boyfriend has just gotten me. I have wanted a hairless cat for YEARS and I have studied every website I can find to learn everything possible about them. My boyfriend, in attempts to do...
  2. JeMarieF

    8 month old kitten having tummy problems

    My 8 month old sphynx kitten has been having diarrhea on and off for 6 days. I told the vet about it and she didn't recommend I come in because it wasn't happening for more than 24 hours at a time. I've been filtering his water, restricting his food intake, and I'm about to switch him to a food...
  3. LineB

    My baby is coming home Tuesday...

    Gotcha day...Tuesday!!! Mr Wilson is coming home on Tuesday...I couldn't be happier or more excited and/or stressed?! LOL I keep reading everything about Sphynx (Sphinx), I felt more then ready since about a month ago, but now that it's just in a few more days...I see things all over the place...
  4. Meggymason

    Too early to neuter?

    Hi there my sphynx is currently 15 weeks and will be neutered at 17 weeks. Is this too younger to neuter my kitten? He currently weighs 3.8 pounds
  5. Meggymason

    My kitten has a polyp ):

    hi friends. So I'm writing with a heavy heart seeking some comfort in those who have any experiences with polyps. I drove 10 hours to pick up my very first Sphynx kitten from a breeder and arriving I was told my kitten was coming home discounted because the vet had just told them he has a...
  6. Meggymason

    I'm getting my first sphynx kitten this weekend, I feel nervous, is it normal?

    Hi so I'm fairly new at this and I am getting my first kitten ever.... and it just so happens to be a sphynx! My boyfriend and I live together and after falling in love with our neighbors hairless little dude we decided to adopt our own. I'm not sure why but every day I have been so gut...
  7. Sphynxlover1996

    Hello everyone!!!

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself and my beautiful kitten Alice! I am from a county in the UK called the Wirral but originally from Cheshire. We have had Alice for 8 weeks now and they have been the best 8 weeks ever! She is absolutely adorable and friendly to everyone who meets her...
  8. GMPLAX23

    Solid Poo!

    Hit the like if you love solid poo-s! Haha I know it's silly but it's hard to find the right combo for our babies but when we do... it's like we won! It took me about two weeks to get things right with Tut. He's a good boy. I was feeling like such a bad mom for having his tummy so upset but...
  9. V

    Food obsessed kitten - help!

    Hi all, I absolutely adore my little 6 month old sphynx kitten named Einstein but there is one thing that's really spoiling a perfect kitten - he's absolutely obsessed with food. To the point where I have to put him in another room at mealtimes :(. Is there anything that I can do to correct...
  10. GMPLAX23

    Tut's first bath

    I was hesitant to give him a bath since it is getting colder but being that he is home with me now I wanted to bond over it, build trust and make sure I knew what I was doing!!! I had been letting Tut in the bathroom and he had been exploring and jumping in/out of the tub (totally a set up) a...
  11. I see you

    I see you

    Sister can't sneak up on me!
  12. GMPLAX23

    Pet insurance- do you have it?

    I don't know if I really need kitten insurance but I wanted to ask the pros LOL. Do you have it? Would you suggest it? What plans are best? I've been doing a lot of reading but I'm still not sure. Especially when there is no routine coverage.... that seems silly to me. Help!
  13. Bustamante01

    Tyrese is finally home!

    Hi everyone, Tyrese is now home since Friday. He's a champ for so many reasons.. First, he succeeded at the first stage of litter kwitter! Second, he suceeded his transition to raw ( it wasn't that difficult since he has a ferroucious appetite!) Third, he purrs loudly! Forth, he already answers...
  14. Fluffyseti

    Meet Streaker, my new baby!

    This is Streaker. She was born on Mothers Day, 2016. She resides with her older brother WiFi the Cornish Rex.
  15. GMPLAX23

    New Kitten Questions- SUGGESTIONS

    Hi everyone I am getting ready for my Kitten to come home and I am buying things for his homecoming! I don't want to get too overzealous. I have been looking at cat trees and travel carriers. -Should I invest in a cat tree before he comes home? I'd like to see if he likes to climb UP before I...
  16. GMPLAX23

    Signed, sealed and yet to be delivered

    Hi everyone! Thanks to you all and the information in this community, I decided to get my very own Sphynx kitten! I'm so happy! He should be coming to my home in October. I really love my breeder. She is knowledgeable, friendly and so passionate about these cats. She is also very attentive to...
  17. SaraWilly

    Bubby will only eat one thing

    Hi all! My name is Sara, I'm new to the sphynx lair and a new sphynx mummy! My bubby's name is Francis and he's a little 4 month old boy weighing roughly 1.5-2kg. I've read a previous thread to see if I am feeding him too much but as said, he's still a baby so let him eat as much as he likes...
  18. Bustamante01

    Food reviews

    Hi everyone, when i heard my breeder was feeding Kirkland cat food to his cas for many years now, i was sceptical.. I did my own research. Surprisingly, I found that up against high end brand, Kirkland is actually a pretty well reviewed. You can go on petfoodtalk and click Reviews then Catfood...
  19. shortkaik37

    Thanks for having me! New Sphynx mom here!

    Hey all, just got some time to update finally and post some content! I have a 8 month old little boy named Brak. I look forward to getting to know everyone!
  20. Cleos mom

    Sometimes we watch YouTube videos for cats

    She enjoys fishing. She's not very good at it haha!!
  21. saffwolf

    kitten help!

    Hi everyone! We have recently brought home a new kitten (about 9 weeks old when we got him) he has been with us for two weeks now and has been suckling on our sphynx! Our girl (ducky) is 1year old and now has a very sore nipple. But she doesn't seem to mind him doing it? How can I get him to...
  22. BusterTheCat

    Yesterday was Gotcha day!!!!!

    We welcomed Dunkin into the family yesterday and he's doing AMAZING! He's super playful and is just having a blast with all of the toys we put in his room. We will be keeping him in one room of the house for the first week and will slowly be introducing him to our other cats during that time...
  23. Elycia

    Leaving my sphynx alone!

    I recently moved out of my parents house and i have a 10 month old sphynx. Since I have had her she hasn't been alone because someone has always been home. I now live alone and I am scared to bring her over because I work a lot and do overnights. Will she become depressed from being alone...
  24. Kinkandwillow

    Instagram for your sphynx babies

    hello everyone, I just wanted to know if I'm the only crazy one that has made an Instagram account for my kitty's!? If not please tell me your username so I can follow you mine is threewhisketeers That's my babies kink and willow
  25. Sarahstar66

    Lilith Updates!

    Hello all! Lilith is doing so well. She's really came out of her shell and loves sprinting across the house to pounce on her toys and on us haha. We had our first vet checkup and all seems well. No heart murmurs or other issues. We had our first spa day yesterday (I was going to wait until...