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  1. T

    New kitten having off and on again diarrhea

    Hi everyone! I got my little furless guy about three weeks ago (at 15 weeks old) from a breeder. I've been feeding him the Royal Canin kitten dry and wet food as that is what the breeder had him on. After the first day or two home he started having really liquid poops, however I assumed it had...
  2. P

    Pregnant Sphynx delivered 1 stillborn kitten yesterday

    I adopted a 3 year old pregnant sphynx from a breeder, reason for her selling her was that my now sphynx and one of her female sphynx were not getting along. Yesterday my pregnant sphynx cat was 51 days along and delivered a stillborn kitten. Is this normal? Could she still deliver more healthy...
  3. J

    Is sphynxkittenbreeders.com legitimate?

    I've only ever adopted from shelter, and I'm not sure how to tell if a breeder is legitimate and ethical on my own. I want to make sure if I'm going to buy I'm buying from healthy and safe breeders! Anyone have experience with sphynxkittenbreeders.com? Their website looks very professional and...
  4. NakedMargie

    New member and possible pigmentation question!

    Hello! It’s about time I finally joined! I’ve had cats all my life but just got my first naked baby, Cream, 2 years ago. While my vet is wonderful and knowledgeable, I live in a very small town and their knowledge of Sphynx is limited. I’ve been visiting Sphynx Lair for all my questions and...
  5. FoxMars

    Baby clothes?

    Our Little Sebastian comes home in September! He’ll be about 12 weeks old then, and probably quite small! 8 years ago when Archibald was a baby, I just hit little arm holes in a knee sock for him! But I’m hoping that technology is advanced and someone somewhere is making their own teeny tiny...
  6. LuckyNo21

    Our new baby finally came home last night!

    I fell in love immediately! She is 13 weeks and just the sweetest little girl ever, already loving and rubbing all over us. We are still deciding between 2 names, but here she is!
  7. LuckyNo21

    Soon-To-Be First Time Sphynx Owner!

    Hello everyone. I'm so excited to say I will soon finally be a proud Sphynx owner! I figured I ought to join the forum in the meantime. I've wanted a hairless my whole life and finally pulled the trigger. I was lucky enough to get chosen for an adorable Seal & White Elf Sphynx girl that we...
  8. M

    Meet Mort!

    Hello! Meet Mort! He is an 8 month sphynx who lives in California. He loves to chase birds, rubber bands, and soup. Here is his instagram if you want to learn more about his day to day life follow him here Login • Instagram
  9. amemani

    Looking to adopt in Los Angeles!

    Hello! I am looking for a Sphynx to adopt in Los Angeles! I can get to pretty much all of Southern California. My family lives in New Jersey, so I’d also be able to adopt from around the east coast/ tristate area as well! I’ve been living with a very friendly male Sphynx cat that’s about a year...
  10. VentrellaJr

    Why Does Mussolini do this?

    Mussolini my 11 month old Does this constantly before sleeping or Periodically throughout the day . Whenever he wants anything he is extremely verbal they constantly.
  11. Aurelio Ventrella Jr. Sphynx Kitten

    Aurelio Ventrella Jr. Sphynx Kitten

    Aurelio Ventrella Jr. Sphynx Kitten Named Mussolini
  12. O

    Meet Osiris!

    Meet Osiris! He is our first Sphynx kitten, and we are already in love! He is a valentines baby, and we are welcoming any sphynx tips!
  13. L

    Skin mark

    my kitten is 13 weeks old, he went to the vets yesterday to have his first injection and microchip. They manage to give him his first injection however was unsuccessful on the microchip due to his size. They said they could see no health issues. Today He has this mark on his side, he doesn’t...
  14. kibaspirit

    Lyra is here! But Oogi hates her

    We were able to go pick up Lyra yesterday and bring her home, but the introduction with Oogi went terribly. He swats at her, growls & hisses a lot and also chases her to deliberately swat. We didn't want to make her scared of him & feel unwelcome in her new house - so we blocked off the...
  15. Andre is a dad

    Andre is a dad

  16. Asti hula birthday 9 months old

    Asti hula birthday 9 months old

  17. J

    advice for kitten?

    Looking for advice for my kitten Pablo, if any one could recommend what they use for bathing, moisturising, Ear cleaning, or any daily care routines? I’d be grateful :) I’m new to this so just trying to make sure I have all the essentials thank you!
  18. J


    I got my sphynx kitten a month ago. He’s four months old. He got ring worm the second week of having him so I had to quarantine him in my bathroom. He got stressed out from that and starting biting the crap out of his tail and it ended up getting infected and needing to get partly amputated but...
  19. Flint 9 Weeks Old

    Flint 9 Weeks Old

    Fuzz tail tip!
  20. Flint 9 weeks old

    Flint 9 weeks old

    Fuzz Face !
  21. Flint 9 Weeks Old

    Flint 9 Weeks Old

  22. Asti the calico turns 6 months

    Asti the calico turns 6 months

    She's so naughty she's lucky her face and sad eyes are so cute
  23. Flint the cutest face, 5.5 weeks old

    Flint the cutest face, 5.5 weeks old

  24. Cutie at 5.5 Weeks Old

    Cutie at 5.5 Weeks Old

  25. Flint exploring again

    Flint exploring again

    Flint the Cute 2.5 week old red sphynx kitten