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  1. You Glow Girl

    You Glow Girl

    She’s perfectly pink-ish after a good scrub! Looking fresh as a daisy!
  2. Lunasphynx1995

    Stinky farts

    Hi, I recently got my 7month old sphynx girl and the food the breeder provided was giving her a very bad tummy and horrendeous diahorea, it was the james wellbeloved adult fish flavoured kibble. Under recomendation I have now put her onto Applaws grain free kitten kibble which seems to have...
  3. Mowgli


    My cutie!
  4. Picassa

    Concerned about my new kitten's weight

    Hi everyone, We got Mowgli, our new sphynx kitty last Sunday - he's now 11 weeks old and only weighs 0.5kg. He has been having problems with diarrhoea for a few days so we took him to the vet and were given de worming medicine and something to solidify his stool. He's been much better...
  5. Serial Chiller 2

    Serial Chiller 2

  6. RaisinBambino

    Soon to be new sphynx mom

    Hi everyone! I am new to the forums and am very glad to come upon this as it has helped my research for my new baby coming home Nov. 17th. As I am NOT a new pet owner, it will be my first sphynx kitten and there have been so much to read up upon for this breed. Still reading up on what are some...
  7. A

    Please help, my kitten has horrible redness in one eye

    Last night my 7 mo old kitten developed redness in her iris, turning her normal blue eye to almost purple. Took her to the vet this morning, and My vet says she needs to have a high content steroid drop (also VERY expensive), and then wants to run a series of expensive tests if that doesn't...
  8. W

    Can you breed a CFA registered Sphynx with a TICA registered Sphynx?

    Hi guys, I get my sphynx next year, the breeder will breed the couple in November and they'll be ready around February 2019. The dad is TICA and the mom is CFA and am just a little confused as to how that works. I'm purchasing a sphynx to breed and the breeder is willing to have over breeding...
  9. Jackolyn

    Digestive Issues in 15 week old Kitten

    Hello there! This is going to be a LONG story, but alas, it still doesn't have a conclusion. I hope that this might help someone else out there, or if anyone has experienced something similar, please let me know. **I will be sure to keep this updated as new information arrives.** ---- I...
  10. Katrina Mahmoud

    Looking to adopt around Michigan or further

    I’m absolutely obsessed with spyhnx cats. I would love to first adopt someone in need before spending over a grand on a kitten.
  11. Jackolyn

    Traveling around with a new Kitten?

    Hello, everyone! I am new to the forum, but I have been a silent lurker for many months now and have found so much valuable information on here! I will be picking up my very first Sphynx kitten from our breeder next week (she will be 13 weeks) and I was wondering how I might go about traveling...
  12. @kingkenzobare_


  13. Monica

    Cat + Dog = BFFs

    At least that’s the case in our house! So happy that my hairball and my naked love each other!! I’ve said it 100x over the last week, but I’m truly so very impressed with this breed. So affectionate, attentive, smart and silly!! Here I am, the dog lover, the anti-cat lady, singing the...
  14. N

    Bringing two kittens home from different litters - food question

    Hello! I am bringing two kittens home on the 1st of august, both are from different litters. One kitten is being shipped to the UK from a great Russian breeder, the other from a local breeder. the Russian kitten is on Royal Canin, and the other kitten is being fed a different brand. Im a...
  15. A

    ISO Sphynx kitten in or around Nebraska

    I have one cat already and live with a roommate who loves cats as well. Willing to drive!
  16. N

    Awaiting gotcha day(s)!!

    hello! I’m new here. I’ve loved the sphynx breed since I was young and I’m finally graduating and am able to have one!! I had settled on one but have since decided that he definitely needs a friend. I’m getting two male babies, one is a solid blue from a breeder in the UK, and one is a...
  17. Monica

    Hats on Cats?? (SEND dressed NUDES)

    Full Monty or Dapper Dan?? Do you dress up your sphynx, or prefer a fully nude, nude? Did your sphynx take to clothing easily, or was it a transition? Please share your experiences dressing, or failing to dress, your naked babies! Brand recommendations wanted. Pictures of your sphynx in...
  18. OJC

    Breeders - what color is this wee girl?

    We had three babies born 12.5 weeks ago. The boy was definitely black when he arrived, one lilac girl and the other girl a warm dark gray color with stripes, almost like a tabby (which I read blue's look like when born). As the boy grew he became lighter in color so now he's the same shade as...
  19. Monica

    CFA & TICA Show Sphynx

    Hola!! Who here has experience showing their sphynx? :D I'm interested in possibly showing my Kenzo Bare in the kitten division once I get him. My breeder favors him and one other male in her current litters. I'd like to get in touch with some Lairians who have show experience and pick...
  20. Monica

    My Seal Mink Nudie <3

    I wait impatiently every Saturday for weekly update photos of my boy! Here he is, 7 weeks old and counting... Kenzo Bare, officially.
  21. M

    Concerned about "Fading Kitten Syndrome"...

    Our girl (1 yr old) just recently had 4 kittens 3 weeks ago. While they all seem active, curious and vocal, I do have concerns for one of them. While the other 3 seem to be filling out and wandering around and playing, 1 tends to sleep in a corner alone, and isn't generally too playful. He also...
  22. Schutzzzie

    Gotcha day surprises!

    Gotcha day finally arrived! My partner and I headed down to London last night, stayed over in a hotel and our plan was to pick up Fritz and take the train straight back up to Glasgow. So we arrived at the breeder’s and she asked us if we were still looking for another kitten. It turns out the...
  23. Schutzzzie

    Vet Glasgow UK?

    I know it’s a long shot since most of the members here are US based but I was wondering if any of the Scottish members, particularly Glasgow based could recommend a vet that has experience with sphynx cats? Otherwise, does anyone have an advice if I end up having to go to a vet without...
  24. stephanie16

    How to tell if shipping is legit

    Hello!! I’ve been looking for a sphynx for a while now. Recently within the last couple days, new posts came up on a couple different websites. I emailed/texted each one, and I just want to know how to tell if something is real. It seemed weird to me that the three that responsed, all had one...
  25. stephanie16

    Looking for sphynx kitten!!

    Hello!! After months of research, me and my boyfriend are finally ready to get a sphynx, and we are SO excited. However, we are running into the problem of finding somewhere near us that has some. If anyone has any suggestions for places within two- two and a half hours of Charlotte, NC or...