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  1. Little Pumpkin

    What colour could be my little Gremlin ? ☺️

    Hi everyone In two months time I will be welcoming my kitten, she is a sphynx and is 1 month old. Her name is Venus, she is really young but i do not know what colour she would be ? My breeder told me that Venus will probably be seal mink/ lilac and her eyes light green. Here few pictures of...
  2. shivvyxoxo

    Hi! My name is Shiv!!( Short for Siobhan)

    My sweet shivvy was born in october 2023, I got her in January. Since she has entered our life, she’s been the sweetest bundle of joy and helped me so much during the grieving process of losing my 16 year old maltese. im thankful they got to know each other for a short while before my angel baby...
  3. J

    FIP Fear about getting new kitten

    Hi everyone! I have a 6 year old Sphynx boy. I recently had the opportunity to adopt a 14 week old Devon Rex kitten (the owner is moving to Canada). I have not gotten the kitten yet, and now I’m having second thoughts. I know the chance is less than 10% but I’m terrified that introducing a new...
  4. A

    Looking to adopt Sphynx in Midwest

    Hi! I am located in Missouri and we are looking to add a sphynx to our family for our little girl as she adores them. We want to give the best life to a cuddle bug!
  5. Loki2306

    Red Mark Appeared Suddenly

    Hi, I noticed this mark on on side of Loki's muzzle area this morning after he had his breakfast, he definitely didn't have this before so the only thing I can think of is that he went into the shower after I was done and may have touched something soapy left over on the wall? It's been about 3...
  6. Loki2306


    Hi everyone, This is Loki, he is 7 months old and we've had him for about 3.5 months. He is the most laid back little boy about 90% of the time, and the other 10% he is a gremlin, but we love him regardless! He is my husbands shadow, and barley tolerates me until we are alone and then I'm his...
  7. Microkitty

    Help with 6-7 month old kitten food

    Hello, I have had this sweet baby for 1.5 months now, but I've had consistent issues with her poos! The breeder said she fed Purina ProPlan Sensitive and "any wet cat food," and I tried to confirm if this is what she fed her kitten but I don't know if she understood me the best, so I let it go...
  8. VivLNorris

    Looking to Adopt, or rescue A Sphynx in the Detroit area.

    Hello! So I'm looking to rescue or adopt a sphynx in the Metro Detroit area. I have been interested in this breed for a very very long time, and recently lost a cat that was very near and dear to me. Also, I'm physically disabled. (connective tissue disorder leading to a bad back) and my pain...
  9. S

    Looking to adopt a Sphynx in PA

    Hello! I have been searching for a Sphynx for awhile now and seem to be having no luck in my area! I am looking for any age or gender! I am in Northeast PA, and I am willing to travel! If anybody has any advice or tips, please let me know! Thank you!
  10. summerhott1977

    Update on Brite and babies

    So, originally Brite had 4 kittens, sadly one passed right after birth. One I lost last week at 5 weeks old, I don't know what happened or why but he jut stopped gaining weight. I tried supplement feeding and had an appt at the vet last Friday but he passed that morning around 5am in my hands...
  11. Bluethesphnyx

    Kitten breathing

    I recently about a baby boy he’s about 3-4 months old and I’m worried about his breathing this is my first sphynx he’s eating and very active and playful in the couple days I’ve had him. It just worry’s me that he scoffs and sneezes and at times I hear his breathing on realease that sounds a...
  12. B

    Help I I’ve never seen this before

    My sphynx just had two kittens Tuesday night and I’ve never seen this before I’m thinking it’s mama over cleaning her baby? I’m not entirely sure though I wanted to get some opinions before I take her to the vet due to the closest vet being a long ways away
  13. KaitoTheBald

    Very young kitten!

    Greetings everyone! I'm in need of your support, I'm in a situation where I was given a kitten that was taken away from her mother early shes ( 1 month and 11 days old ) born on 24 or July! as the breeder had to travel ugently. She seems very skinny and I'm not sure what to feed her (Brand of...
  14. W

    FVRCP Vaccine

    Hi guys! My 14 week old kitten just received his final FVRCP vaccination (3/3). He was given all 3 by the cattery he came from- the vet recommended he give him another one as he isn’t sure that the cattery was able to keep the vaccines at a proper temperature which would cause the vaccines to be...
  15. coramylove

    KITTEN RASH! HELP!! Shampoo.

    Hi everyone, Introducing Cora- my 4 month old sweetheart. Last night I gave Cora a bath with a shampoo that didn't sit right with her, today she has these hives. Throwing the shampoo out and I'm sure these hives will resolve on their own- I just wanted to know if there is anything I can do in...
  16. M

    Is care different for different types of sphynx?

    I am getting my first sphynx soon, and I researched care for a completely bald Canadian Sphynx and bought supplies in preparation accordingly, since that's what I expected to get. I recently got an offer for a young girl, however, who carries her mother's peach fuzz kind of coat with possible...
  17. jojcake

    4 months refusing to eat and diarrhea

    Hello, My four month kitten Stewie started having diarrhea last night and this morning stopped eating and drinking. Her skin on the back of her neck is not returning to normal the way it should. I’ve been giving her fluids mixed with wet food via syringe and she has an appointment tomorrow...
  18. P

    My Boys!

    Hi everyone, I wanted to introduce myself and my two precious pink brothers! My name is Jess and their names are Django and Trip, they are about 17 weeks old. Both sons of Enzo Ferrari and Lulu of Oregon, I anticipate they are going to be some pretty large young men! These are my first...
  19. Mommy2Felix

    Coccidia and T. Foetus

    Hi all. Recently got our sphynx kitten, Felix, 4 weeks ago. My boyfriend has already started an account and done a proper intro but I need answers while he is away on business for a couple days. Felix’s fecal exam showed coccidia, which he has been treated for. However, his diarrhea still...
  20. M

    Is this a scab/skin burn? What to do?

    Hello everyone! I got a new 12 week old kitten, his name is Moon, almost two weeks ago now. Everything has been great, he started eating the same day, running around, and being very affectionate with my husband and I. About 3 days ago, his eye started having issues and he started shaking...
  21. Nimbus2022

    Any good harness for kittens?

    Hi all! We have had little Nimbus for a week now! We want to start harness training him so he can walk on a leash. I have bought two so far specifically for kittens, in the smallest sizes. However they are both too big for him! So big that it almost trips him up and he can take his legs out of...
  22. Nimbus2022


    Hi everyone! My husband and I just got our first baby sphynx! He is 11 weeks old, he still has a gorgeous soft coat but I am not sure if he will keep it or not! Only had him 2 nights so far. He cried a lot the first night but was better last night. He is obsessed with cuddles ( we do find...
  23. Alexa mendosa

    Heart disease prevention?

    I have 2 sphynxs and one is about to have a litter of sphynxs. Are these supplements worth the price? Is it ok to give these to kittens? And have you had any experience with heart supplements such as these?

    Switched food runny poo

    have a 8 month old Sphynx kitten as well I just switched their food a few days ago and the kitten is having runny poo from it. I was feeding royal canin and switched to instinct. Do I need to go back to the royal canin?
  25. sphynkles

    Breeders/rescues in Vancouver Canada Area?

    I‘m graduating next year from school (yes, me! The one who was asking for advice when getting my first sphynx here at age 12! it’s been almost 5 years since My family welcomed our wrinkly pal whom we all worship!) and I’m planning on moving out within a couple years of that, but would like to...