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  1. Rkgxo

    New sphynx kitten

    Hello everyone! I got a lovely wee sphynx boy a week ago and he seems to be settling in well! Managed to use his litter tray well and eating well too (not drinking much but I hear that’s ok) As of yesterday afternoon he seems to be a bit “off” he meowed and hissed at me cause I was moving his...
  2. byulbunny

    Diarrhea help?

    Baby started having diarrhea yesterday ;n; sticky and smelly, too - and causing him to whinge a bit when he needs to go (not loudly or for long, but clearly there's discomfort). His poops were great his first week here and honestly didn't notice a smell. Then suddenly he was starting to get...
  3. AnneBosnjak

    New skinfant parent member!

    Hello! I’m new here (obviously). I am Picking up my elf/bambino kitten in two days. I am So excited! Her breeder says she is a bi-color calico (not sure what that means). This is Rook!
  4. B

    Too much hair?

    Hello my dears, I just discovered this amazing platform. I got a 3 month old Canadian Sphynx and Elf Sphynx kitten but she has too much hair for a Sphynx. Her brothers and sister didn't have much hair (only peach coat) but mine has hair on her back, paws, tail and head. Here are the photos for...
  5. Taniamc88

    New kitten, bath aggression

    Hello, I just got a new Sphynx kitten. She is 2 1/2 months old. I also have a make sphynx that is 9 months. My kitten has been stepping in her poop in the litter box and I find myself having to rinse her paws in the sink everyday . I’ve owned cats all my life but I’ve never had a cat react to...
  6. C

    Kitten with bloated belly and low energy :(

    Hello all, I am a new sphynx owner. I adopted a 3 month old boy named Nudie and have had him for close to a month now. A couple weeks ago he started to have runny stools so i took a sample to a local vet and they said they didn't find anything. He eats the tiki cat brand. I chose that because it...
  7. Ebby

    Milo the malnourished kitten updates

    I figured I’d post a new thread so people can easily follow along with his progress of health and weight gain. He has gone from 2lbs last Sunday to 2lbs 9oz today,he’s still on antibiotics for his URI but his eyes are now clear and he barely sneezes. He loves to play now and no longer spends...
  8. Dobbysphynx123

    Sphynx kitten 2 weeks old rash

    Hi, my cat had two kittens 2 weeks ago (unplanned and kittens came as a huge shock!) one was born very small and I had to help feed him but he’s now fully on mum and is gaining weight nicely (fingers crossed he continues) and is now at 235g, he is however got little spots on him like white dots...
  9. Rens

    general first time owner questions

    Hello everyone, I recently adopted a 3 month old sphynx kitten and I need some advice to make sure I give her the best life I can!♥ So I'm going to compile all my questions and doubts in here to see if yall experienced owners could give me some advice ;) so ... sorry for the long post :p when...
  10. byulbunny

    New Kitten & Some Questions from a New Worrywart Mama (UK/Scotland Based)

    Hey guys! I'm happy to announce that I'm awaiting the arrival of a little baby of my very own in my new flat - she's a gorgeous little bambino (didn't actually realise at first, just fell for her little face; bright eyes and blep tongue!) For starters, I'm in the UK, so my questions are mainly...
  11. R

    Looking for a kitten! + rep. breeders

    Hi! I’m looking for a Sphynx kitten to love. I’ve run into scammers a lot! If anyone can give me reputable breeders in Arizona (where I’m located) or surrounding states (I’ll drive there!), I would appreciate it! Or possibly ones that do shipping but I’d rather not if I don’t have to. TIA!!
  12. starknaked

    Here's Gustavo (Gus)!

    We picked him up from the airport today and WOW just WOW. He's eaten a tiny bit and meowing a bit since he's likely looking for his litter mates, but we LOVE LOVE LOVE him. Still no bathroom and I hope he eats a bit more over the next few days but it has only been a few hours. I can't stop...
  13. MarlisMomma

    My new baby sphynx, Marli!

    Hi everyone! I am so happy to be a member of Sphynx Lair. I am a first time cat mom to my beautiful little Marli boy. He was born on February 23 and is a complete angel. He has only been with us for a few days and is already litter box trained, sleeping through the entire night alone, extremely...
  14. M

    Help! I'm at a loss and so worried for my boy.

    My boy Thackery has started developing scabs on his face around his eyes (see attached). This happened once before and the vet said allergies so we changed food to one they recommended (Royal Canin Neutered Young Male). It seemed to clear up but now it seems to be coming back and his sister...
  15. L


    I am obsessed with my little Pablo! He has an Instagram account follow him and hel follow you back! Login • Instagram Here’s my gorgeous boy.
  16. acduff

    It ACTUALLY happened!!

    I am excited to share with all of you that I am officially a Sphynx Mama! I seriously can't believe it really happened. After months of searching, with no luck, I came across this website by chance. Two weeks of perusing and only two days after posting someone actually reached out! A very sweet...
  17. C

    Eating loads and now not interested?

    Hi guys! when I first got my boy last week he was already on raw from the breeder so we’ve kept him on it. first few days he ate soooo much and now he’s not interested? He’s meant to have 2-1/2 of the raw patties a day, first day he nailed 4 but now I’ll be lucky if he eats one. He is playful...
  18. Connor

    Older cat not adapting to new kitten! HELP!

    Hi, I brought a kitten around 3 weeks ago due to my commitments to work increasing so I thought it would be best to get my current sphynx a friend due to them being social animals. This has not been the case at all, I have been trying to introduce the older cat to the kitten bit by bit but...
  19. gollumthesphynx

    Getting another baby!... Maybe!

    Hi everyone! Hope all's been well. Finally, I am looking into getting another kitten. Does anyone have any tips on how to integrate them into my home with Gollum? Gollum is pretty open and non-territorial. He's also up-to-date with all his vaccinations :)
  20. M

    Kitten with swollen eye

    I just got my kitten today and when i collected him his eyes were very watery but i thought nothing of it, i drove 3hrs to collect him and on the way back i noticed that his eye has green/yellow discharge and was slightly swollen and is gradually getting worse Could this be something serious ...
  21. emmalizpowell

    Sudden lump on cat’s head?

    Hi guys, I’m new to this platform and my sphynx kitten is about 2 months old. I let her out of my sight for a little bit and when I look at her, she had this bump on her head. It’s like sorta firm but also kinda squishy and she doesn’t like when I touch it. I’m pretty worried but not too sure if...
  22. T

    New kitten having off and on again diarrhea

    Hi everyone! I got my little furless guy about three weeks ago (at 15 weeks old) from a breeder. I've been feeding him the Royal Canin kitten dry and wet food as that is what the breeder had him on. After the first day or two home he started having really liquid poops, however I assumed it had...
  23. P

    Pregnant Sphynx delivered 1 stillborn kitten yesterday

    I adopted a 3 year old pregnant sphynx from a breeder, reason for her selling her was that my now sphynx and one of her female sphynx were not getting along. Yesterday my pregnant sphynx cat was 51 days along and delivered a stillborn kitten. Is this normal? Could she still deliver more healthy...
  24. J

    Is sphynxkittenbreeders.com legitimate?

    I've only ever adopted from shelter, and I'm not sure how to tell if a breeder is legitimate and ethical on my own. I want to make sure if I'm going to buy I'm buying from healthy and safe breeders! Anyone have experience with sphynxkittenbreeders.com? Their website looks very professional and...
  25. NakedMargie

    New member and possible pigmentation question!

    Hello! It’s about time I finally joined! I’ve had cats all my life but just got my first naked baby, Cream, 2 years ago. While my vet is wonderful and knowledgeable, I live in a very small town and their knowledge of Sphynx is limited. I’ve been visiting Sphynx Lair for all my questions and...