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  1. Yana and Osiris

    Is neutering a sphynx really necessary ?

    Evening paw family! Given that Osi turned 7m not so long ago we have made an appointment for his "losing dignity" day. Our vet assessed his state as a very big and healthy boy as he can be. However I don't see him peeing in the corners marking places or being annoying, in principle I don't see...
  2. Oliver1992

    Male neutering

    Hi there New to the forum I’ve had my male Sphynx for about 5 months now and he’s about 8 months old. He’s going to the vet on Friday morning for the snip! He has been such an amazing pet so far and it was always my intention to castrate him when he got a bit older etc. I just have a few...
  3. Sarahg925

    Vets in the California East Bay

    I have a beautiful baby boy and I am looking for a vet in my area that is familiar with the sphinx breed and am coming up short. Is anyone from the area and know of a knowledgeable vet? My boy needs to be neutered and I know there are some concerns with certain anesthesia (particularly...
  4. carly gail

    Is it dangerous to neuter my kitten at 5 months?

    Hello all, My sweet little Baldwin is approaching 5 1/2 months and I've made an appointment to get him neutered, microchipped, and have his umbilical hernia repaired. I've been reading other threads and I've seen that 7 months seems to be the suggested age. Now I am worried it's too early for...
  5. Mousemumma

    So scared for my little girl

    pixie is going to be neutered tomorrow and although the vet has reassured me they won't use ketamine I'm still worrying! Also she had her inoculations/kitten jabs ten days ago and today it's really swollen around the site although not hot or sore. Is that normal in a possible herpes kitten? I'm...
  6. J

    Castration of 3 year old male

    I have been hosting a male sphynx for a breeder who has't been successful at getting females pregnant and he also has had stomach problems as I've discussed on other threads. We suspect IBD. That is actually getting better so I am taking advantage of his period of better health to get his...
  7. Amy31

    Happy mum!

    This is most likely a pointless post but I just needed to share how over the moon I am! As some of you may know I was really scared about having my prince neutered! After many phone calls I found a vet that dos not use ketamine, of course, like any mum, I was still very worried, I pulled up to...
  8. Amy31

    Good bye walnuts!

    so! I feel like I'm over posting at the moment and feel like an over protective crazy, but I enjoy having fellow cat mums and dads reassurance and now more than ever I need it! Upon discussions with my vet about the use in ketamine and my not being to happy with the discussion I have rung round...
  9. Amy31

    The big snip!

    Hey guys, so I booked Lucifet in today have the chop in January, whilst under they will chip him, clean his ears and teeth however! I've read up online awhile ago how they can be allergic to ketamine, and how one little sphynx went off for his teeth cleaned and never came home! So I am beside...
  10. Morgan

    Low cost Neutering and Ketamine

    When I originally got Pierogi from the breeder I was in a much better place financially. I was living with cheap rent and good roommates, and working a job that paid well. That was months ago, and it wasn't long after I got Pierogi that everything started going down hill. Huge changes have taken...
  11. S

    Hair growth post neutering?

    Hi all. Please can you advise? My wife and daughter are cat breeders (Siamese and Sphynx) and also show them. We have a Sphynx queen (Tuppence..aka..The Tupp/fireplace goddess), recently nuetered approx 12 months? We have recently observed that she is starting to grow 'bum-fluff'...(forgive...