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  1. Condo commando

    5 Powerful Cat-Care Tips Your Kitty Will Thank You For

    I made the bone broth. I only left it simmering for 5 hours and then took out the bones and just left the meat and water. Then I poured it into ice cube trays for frozen snacks. Both cats gave it paws up. Top 5 Tips for Cat Guardians
  2. Maddie

    Astrid's Custom Cat Tree!!

    So, as you guys might know, I hate cat trees lol anyone I have found is horribly ugly. Plus I'm not paying 500$ for something that has no play value and is made of fur nastiness. BUT my nanna found a lady that custom makes cat trees!!! So I finally got exactly what I wanted and tailed to Astrid...
  3. L

    My Sphynx Cat Having Fun

    Please Like and Share My Sphynx Cat New Video
  4. Maddie

    Da Bee... Astrid's new favourite toy

    So, as some of you may know, the company that makes Da Bird make several other attachments and toys. During kitten weekend I picked up the Da Bee and a sparkler attachment. Everything was 50% off. So the Da Been comes on a short sparkle wand and has a metal string. Still has the clip on the end...
  5. Nutmeg8112

    Biting and swatting. Aggression or playful?

    Hello all! First time poster, year long watcher here! I have been on sphynxlair since I got my first sphynx kitty, Ollivander (Olli for short) about a year ago. I haven't felt the need to post a question in the past because I have been able to find answers in previous threads BUT now I need a...
  6. Maddie

    Cat Trees Recommendations!

    Hi, I'm looking at getting Astrid a cat tree to go along with my DIY project I still need to finish.... the weather needs to heat up so I can paint! Lol I found a person where I am that makes them, so I can pretty much Frankenstein the best of everything to get the ultimate cat tree! Lol and...
  7. Maddie

    New Toy! Cat's Meow Motorized Wand

    So, went shopping again.... and we have a new favourite toy! Astrid finds any "play by your self" toys boring. (Like balls, the finger traps, springs any thing like that). If she wants to play, I must be playing with her. Which is awesome until I'm studying. We now have a solution! I was a...
  8. Maddie

    Astrid's Homework Protest

    Thought I would share Astrid's little protest. Normally, when I do school work she sits with me or runs around playing. The other day she decided to go and pout in her house since she wasn't allowed to sit on the keyboard or use my papers as a slip-and-slide! It was pretty cute though. She fell...
  9. Maddie

    Because Every Sphynx Needs a Sphinx Play House...

    Hi everybody! Thought someone else would find this cardboard cat playhouse as cool as I do! I won't order one because I refuse to pay 62$ shipping. It's not THAT cool, maybe if it wasn't cardboard..... BUT they have free shipping for the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, the UK...
  10. L

    Sphynx Cat Toy Time

    Liam playing with one of his favorite toys
  11. thewcgirl

    Nightime activity level

    Hi! I've been a member for a while, but rarely post. I need some advice! I just recently got my second Sphynx! Her name is Ruby and she is 1 year and a half. She was meant to be a breeder cat, but turned out to be infertile, so i was presented with the opportunity to adopt her! She is a...
  12. illhyhl

    io catches a fly

    my cat is a supreme hunter of flies.
  13. treefoil

    roughly playing tigers

    hey, its me again :) I need an advice. when i got my two kitten 3 weeks ago, oskar was the weak porcelain doll... since tilda got so very ill a week later, oskar catched up in growth and strengh. It seemed as if he was leeching her life-energy haha tilda had puking an diarreah and she lost...