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red bumps

  1. TildaandAziza

    What is this skin condition? Please help!!!

    Hi. This is my first post. Im reaching out for help on here, because I can't find any information anywhere else. I've noticed that Aziza has been forming a rash on her back lately. It happened after this one specific sweater she had on. I didn't think much of it but it started to get worse, and...
  2. E

    Red raised bumps all over my sphynxie boy

    Hello! I have a 1 year old sphynx named Cairo. Over the last week he has developed these raised red bumps almost all over his body. They don’t seem to hurt him or bother him at all really. We haven’t made any changes to his food, body wash, kitty litter, or laundry soap.. we honestly do not know...

    Cat rash

    Hello everyone, i am looking for some suggestions on helping my sphynx' s skin.. I recently got my sphynx BeBe, she was not well cared for for 6 years and came to me very dirty with a recent case of ringworm, she was seen at a vet who gave medication and cleared it up.. maybe 6 months ago. She's...
  4. J

    My little bumpy sphynx, any ideas?

    Our sphynx keeps getting a bumpy rash under his armpits, legs, back of the neck and sometimes on his ankles and face, sometimes it's just bumpy, sometimes the bumps look red, and when parts of it start to heal it turns to little dark grey spots. At the moment, there's a bit of everything! :( We...
  5. Cberube

    My cats skin

    Hello, My boy sphynxs skin has been bumpy and raw looking. I rehomed him and I've had him for about a month the previous lady used dawn dish soap for his baths. I have given him two baths with dawn and switched to baby Magic Johnson soap. Now by his ear is super raw and bumpy looking. When I...
  6. Rox

    What are the cause of the red bumps?

    Paulcat has had these red bumps on his belly and hind-side (not specifically his butt) for a while and I can't figure it out for the life of me. He eats Taste of the Wild (dry) (I have changed food with no noticeable difference and am yet to try making his food which I will be able to start...
  7. CharmCat

    Scabs and red, bumpy skin

    So I'm noticing that my girl Charmayne has scabs around her neck, probably from scratching, and little pinkish bumps as well. I keep her nails trimmed and she had a scratching post which she uses daily so I'm thinking the scratching is not the occasional scratch. Then I also noticed more bumps...
  8. pussiette

    Urticaria pigmentosa

    Does your sphynx have urticaria pigmentosa/severe hive? I desperately need to connect with anyone owning a sphynx with this health problem.