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  1. M

    Is this a scab/skin burn? What to do?

    Hello everyone! I got a new 12 week old kitten, his name is Moon, almost two weeks ago now. Everything has been great, he started eating the same day, running around, and being very affectionate with my husband and I. About 3 days ago, his eye started having issues and he started shaking...
  2. Lperrx

    Cat scratches

    Hi all, when pharaoh and Selene play together I guess they play quite rough. After grooming Pharaoh today I’ve noticed he has a few small scratches on his head and neck area. Is this a normal thing for Spynx’s when they play seeing as they don’t have fur ? I’ve also noticed the back of...
  3. ele

    Skin marks and scratches - help!

    Hi everyone! This is my first post, thanks a lot for being such an amazing community. This is my baby Ele, he is 4 years old, we live in Barcelona, Spain. I'm posting here after loads of visits to the vet without a proper solution... I hope someone here can help. I brought Ele to the vet a...
  4. Monkey and Bare

    Face markings

    Hello all, just a couple of quick questions about my boys face - has any one else’s ever hurt themselves like this? (Photo attached) It may have been when he was playing with his sister but I wasn’t here to see it! Also, interested to know if anyone else’s has a birthmark like Bare does...
  5. chillinq88

    How much should I be feeding my cat?

    Hi everyone! An update on the last thing about Artemis, she is doing a lot better now- we gave her antibiotics and she is no longer sick! Yay! But now, a new problem has arisen. I don't think I'm feeding her enough. I feed her about a full can of wet food a day (one half in the morning, one...
  6. KelseaLoren

    I'm his Scratching Post?

    I have been having this strange problem with Oliver. He doesn't scratch anything, not the furniture (which is great) but he also doesn't scratch his scratching post... which wouldn't be a problem except he has adopted me as his new scratching post. At first it was when I was brushing my teeth or...
  7. treefoil


    Well this time the bathing was a bit painful... Mine hate it so much... But this time oskar went to panic mode. He was quite behaving not moving to much. My sister helped me and lost grip, so he ran away - dripping wet. We were finished washing him, but i needed to get him into the towel. He...