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skin issue

  1. Kumoandkaze

    Rough hair, rash, and constant flaking

    Hi! My Sphynx(Kumo) is 6months old and has been having many skin issues. It started about two months ago and the vet at the time said it looked normal and it was probably acne. It didn't look like acne to me so have changed his food to grain free and also tried chicken free. I bathe them weekly...
  2. JessyCat

    Skin Patches

    Hi there! Just wondering if anyone else’s Sphynx gets these weird dark patches. They’re located primarily on her belly in the leg folds-armpits. I’ve tried coconut oil with no luck. It’s seems periodic where its really dark and other days hardly noticeable. Not sure if this is just her...
  3. L

    What the heck is this????

    Hi there, I bought my kitten from another state. She just arrived yesterday and ImI prettyI concerned and unhappy honestly. I've never seen anything like this. I brought her to the vet and she didn't know what it is any ideas?
  4. Kerry Williams

    Skin Problems

    Hello all, this is my Bellatrix, she will be one in April. She seems to have been struggling with a skin issue since she was very young, although I don't remember her looking like this when we brought her home. I am aware it could be something in my home making this happen but I try to use...
  5. carly gail

    Medicine for skin injury- safe or not?!

    Hi all, Baldwin got neutered, microchipped, and had his hernia repaired yesterday. I set him up in my (medium sized) closet with lots of bedding, a litterbox, and food and water (later on). He was NOT very happy being confined in that space, however with my bed being tall and his cat tower and...
  6. N

    Dark spots on my sphynx back... anyone help ?

    Hello ::) ... I'm new here, I have a sphynx 1 year old... and yesterday I noticed small dark spots on his back near his tail ... today they just look worst... more and bigger, it seems it doesn't hurt or anything just the pigmentation /some pics attached/ any idea ... I'm pretty worried ... his...
  7. Bwitsnudeybabes

    Sphynx with irritated itchy chest.

    Hello friends! I've been on this site A LOT, searching for an answer or advice for anything related to my two sphynx babies. This is my first post though, so hello! My sphynx male Benedict has had a dark and itchy chest for some time now. I do notice that there are times it looks more...
  8. Festerchat

    Anyone ever use this on their kitties?

    Fester has been having a bad itch and rash issue. I've been giving him Zyrtec and rubbing him in Vaseline since coconut oil made his skin flakey. His poor face has deep brown scabs all over it. I was at Petco and saw this homeopathic skin and itch stuff. "Natural Pet Skin and Itch"...
  9. Lupi

    Sphynx with Ringworm

    I got a new sphynx kitten and she gave my other sphynx and devon rex ringworm(n). They have been on medication for a week ina half now. Wanted to know how long do they have to be isolated? Or can i take them out and still give them medicine? Feel very bad bc my sphynx cried and cries and its...
  10. Liliana Marques

    My sphynx has rashes, please help! :(

    Hi! My boy Tobias has rashes every now and then. They come and go and are very intensive for about one hour. The doctors have not figured out what it could be and we can´t seem to associate the rashes to the food he eats. He has had 2 shots of cortisone which help, however it is only temporary...
  11. Ida

    Bad skin disease to identify, please help

    (Hello. I'm here partly on behalf of the Finnish sphynx community, and will refer to it as "us".) There's a homeless sphynx cat in shelter, and she has a terrible looking skin condition. We cannot identify the disease, nor the treatment. I'm posting pictures here in hopes you having bigger...
  12. Laucol

    Raised mark on skin

    Hi everyone, On Wednesday, I noticed a small orangy mark on Ila's skin. It was just a small mark. Ive been monitoring it daily. Two days ago, it looked like a piece of dry skin came off the center of the mark, so I thought maybe it was just a patch of dry skin. Then today, I notice that the...
  13. B

    Year long skin issue. Help!

    Hello, New member here. Thought id ask if anyone has had this similar issue. Our girl Nyx has had a pretty serious issue with her skin for about a year now. Started out as darker pigment then developed bumps and flaky scabs where the discoloration is. She also gets very oily and leaves brown...