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  1. pattyleo182

    Learning to be strong

    Hello fellow Sphynx mamas and papas! We had two further consultations with vets today regarding Maxi's current heart condition, Tetralogy of Fallot. His stomach is still swollen like a balloon and today we have noticed, much to our dismay that his breathing is starting to become faster and...
  2. pattyleo182

    Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF)

    Hi all, I'd like to tell you about our boy Max and his journey through this awful rare heart condition. My husband Ian found Max (a Sphynx) wondering on our street, cold and lost back in May 2019. He spent one night with us and I felt in love with him instantly. We called our local vet who came...
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    Sleepy head
  4. 47547768-6D8E-4C5B-A733-B4653589397A.jpeg


    Oh hi there
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    Sunny spot
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  7. C

    rash after rabies vaccination

    My 1 year old male sphynx recently had his 2nd year rabies shots, and started to slowly spread around his neck and under arm and upper belly. Is there any type of topical ointments to help clear up and stop him from constantly scratching them? Any tips or recommendations from anyone that has...
  8. Zelouise

    We're Finally Sphynx Mommies - In Need Of Advice!

    Hello Sphynxlair Family :) My partner and I recently became parents to our long awaited boy, Farrow. He is a beautiful Harlequin Sphynx and his dad has won 1st place in multiple cat shows here in South-Africa. We were truly blessed when the breeder notified us that she had one more kitten left...
  9. Binxthesphynx

    New kitten

    Hi everyone , my name is Jess and I am totally new to the world of sphynx. We have had our little white nude sphynx for 9 days now and I am struggling to know what the best shampoo is to use on his skin. He has also come out in brown freckles it looks like on his skin. I have tried to limit...
  10. M

    Sphynx vs Russian Don

    So about 6 months ago I received a coffee table book of cats. While going through it, I found the Sphynx page. But the next day I found the Russian Don cats. And while going through the characteristics of them, I think my boy fits a Russian don more than a regular Sphynx. Does anyone have any...