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  1. BusterTheCat

    We have an official date!!!

    The Gotcha date is set!! Dunkin is booked to be home the night of May 6th!! :D My brother, who lives near the breeder, will be flying into NY with my boy and will be visiting for the weekend :joyful: It will be a full house and lots of fun!! Now that we have an official date, it's all so real...
  2. BusterTheCat

    I met my baby today!

    I flew in yesterday to have a visit with baby Dunkin (the decided upon name) and went to see him earlier today. He was so tiny! From his photos I was expecting him to be bigger but he was still a teeny tiny little baby!! It's been a long time since I've seen such a little one :love: I took lots...
  3. BeethovenAndMe

    Still looking in SC

    I have been searching for a baby in or around SC for a few months with no luck. I found two breeders, both in Atlanta, but I haven't heard from one and the other wants a $500 nonrefundable deposit before the babies are even born. I really don't want to do that because I am a bit picky when it...
  4. BusterTheCat

    Update: Officially and Expecting Mother!

    I recently made a post about the fact that I am expecting a new baby boy! I wanted to wait to show a photo until I knew the breeder was comfortable with me posting, so here he is! His Gotcha day is May 9th and I am visiting him this weekend :shame: Meet baby "Kristoff" of the Frozen litter! His...
  5. BusterTheCat

    Officially an expecting mother!

    Hello all! It has recently become official that I will be the new mommy of a little baby boy! Buster, my 9 year old, is our only Sphynx but we are happily adding to the family! I am flying to Virginia this Friday to visit the guy and I am planning on posting photos when I get there! I want to...
  6. ashleyhope7

    Any advice for introducing a sphynx kitten into my 1 sphynx household?

    Hi all! I have a one, almost one and a half year old Sphynx named Choni. He is my BAAAAABY! We traveled together to Texas for the summer to stay with my parents and I had planned to keep him set up upstairs in my room at all times because they have three furry cats and two dogs and I was...
  7. Angelicar2000

    Baby teeth

    When Lexi has gotten spayed, the vet notice her baby teeth hasnt falling out. Her adult teeth is right next to it. Her top fangs. The vet said he has to keep an eye on it. Few days after her surgery, she stop eatting the dry food but yet she was eating the wet food which I only give them as a...
  8. L

    Expecting Baby, Should I rehome my sphynx?

    Hello everyone, Ive never posted on here before but let me tell you a little bit about my situation. I have a one year old sphynx cat, I got him last June and it has been a dream of mine for YEARS to own one of these cats. I did all my research and knew what I was getting into. I researched...
  9. Snug Like A Bug In A Rug

    Snug Like A Bug In A Rug

  10. purple people pleaser

    purple people pleaser

    he is so little here, this sweater is barely big enough to hold him anymore
  11. wide eyes

    wide eyes

    those are the cutest baby blues
  12. paxxon's first christmas

    paxxon's first christmas

    house elf
  13. summertime sadness

    summertime sadness

    all he wants to do is stay outside on the balcony, but he's just too delicate out there
  14. mum&me


    took a lot of maneuvering to not flaunt his manhood in this photo
  15. bk89

    looking to adopt in Atl, Ga

    If anyone in Georgia or within a reasonable driving distance (florida, SC, alabama) is looking to rehome a sphynx kitten I am looking to adopt. I have another cat and small dogs so a young cat or an adult cat that doesnt care is a preference. Thanks!
  16. Theodora

    Buddy From Colorado!

    Hi! My baby boy's name is Buddy, he is 1 year 3 months! His breeder did not feed him wet food, after a year I FINALLY got him to start eating wet food, however right as he turned a year old, he started chewing on anything he could find. When I got him to start eating the wet food, he started...
  17. L

    New here!

    Hi! We are new here! Just got our first Sphynx baby on April 8. He's 3 months old and we are so in love with him! I named him Akhenaten after the alien pharaoh of Egypt. Akhen for short. My wife and I also have a 1 year old human boy ;) So excited to have found sphynx lair. The picture with his...
  18. Buster the Kitten

    Buster the Kitten

    This was Buster on the first day he came into our family <3
  19. Donna Politis

    Meet Raf!

    Hi everyone - my name's Donna, I'm a 19 year old student from Melbourne. Two weeks ago I brought home my baby boy Raf! He was born on the 15/11/2013 and is pure white with light green eyes. I am a first time Sphynx owner but have been a lover of the breed for many years now. Raf has basically...