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  1. J

    Kitten Tips: Love bites just hurt!

    Hi! I am a new mother to a 12-week-old kitten Sphynx. After a few weeks of having him at home, I'm noticing a definite uptick in biting. Usually, it's not bad, but there are moments when it can become quite painful. I purchased a few chewing toys and treats for him to gnaw on instead, but I'm...
  2. OlgaMaria

    Behaviour issues

    Hello everyone! I have a lovely 9 month old sphynx girl, her name is Olga. I’ll just jump straight to the point…she bites a lot (playing) and although I try to correct this behaviour simply by stopping any play if she bites, she still does it. She loves cuddling with my boyfriend, she is much...
  3. Taniamc88

    New kitten, bath aggression

    Hello, I just got a new Sphynx kitten. She is 2 1/2 months old. I also have a make sphynx that is 9 months. My kitten has been stepping in her poop in the litter box and I find myself having to rinse her paws in the sink everyday . I’ve owned cats all my life but I’ve never had a cat react to...
  4. H


    Hello, everyone ! I'll get straight to it, my boy has an issue with biting. He's about 6.5 months, not fixed, and uses his teeth tooooo much. I'm not sure if this is normal kitten stuff, as he's my first kitten. I stop engaging when he bites, if he's on the couch we remove him. And when he is...
  5. LurchTheCat

    HELP! My kitten already hates me

    I adopted Lurch one month ago and he’s four months old. Before we adopted him, we prepared, or “catified” the apartment and he seemed to love it here immediately, and he would cuddle us every night. We have another cat of the same age, she is a haired cat with the sweetest behavior, she’s...
  6. Janusz

    New addition- stressed?

    Hello- I just got another sphynx from a breeder I got my other sphynx from. She is 2.5 years old. We will have her only a week tomorrow. We have another furry cat and a dog. My question is...should I correct her behavior if she lashes out at the other animals. She is odd...one minute she is...
  7. Monica

    New Kitten Help!

    Hola all! So I’m less than one month away from gotcha day. Like many of us, im over the moon with excitement to bring home my first sphynx! I’m stocked up on all kitty things, with little orders of goodies coming in anyway now. However, I feel slightly anxious in anticipation of the whole...
  8. Nicky00

    Sneezing and biting

    Hi guys! So silly question and one serious one. Silly question first why does my sphynx kitten climb on me to go two inches from my face to sneeze? Is it a dominance thing? Is she trying to tell me she is sick? Why??? Serious questions: how do I train my kitten not to bite? She still has her...
  9. Nutmeg8112

    Help! I don't know what else to do!

    Hello all! I am sorry if my thread title sounds like I am overreacting but I really don't know where else to turn. I just really need some help and guidance from people who can relate to my situation. I posted a few months back about my cat Ollivander's aggressive behavior and tendencies and...
  10. Kathie

    Hello from Toronto! I'm new!

    Hi all, After lurking here for sometime I finally joined the Lair, and I just became the proud new mama to my 5 month old boy! He was well cared for, but the family's five year old son developed and allergy to him so they had to re-home. We connected and I bought and brought him home Saturday...
  11. Maddie


    So apparently this is how you show love.... she's not biting hard though lol crazy kitty
  12. Sammicarkeys

    Teething or just playing rough?

    I’ve been getting abused by my little man lately! He is constantly in a rambunctious mood and he always wants to bite... as hard as he can on the most sensitive spots you have. He’s drawn blood on me a few times. However, he’s never bit me or hissed at me because he was upset or scared. No...
  13. Nutmeg8112

    Biting and swatting. Aggression or playful?

    Hello all! First time poster, year long watcher here! I have been on sphynxlair since I got my first sphynx kitty, Ollivander (Olli for short) about a year ago. I haven't felt the need to post a question in the past because I have been able to find answers in previous threads BUT now I need a...
  14. Dallassummer

    Aggression Issues

    Hello all! I know I've been absent for awhile, busy busy finishing school. Everything had been pretty good except for this one problem I cant seem to shake. I've had Simba now for five years, Nala for four years. All, in all, they get along reasonably well. They chase each other, cuddle, lick...
  15. S

    Sudden Aggression Problem

    Hello everyone! I'm new so hopefully I am starting this thread correctly and you guys can see it. Anyways, I'm having some behavioral problems with my sphynx that I would love some suggestions on how to correct if anyone has ideas or has experienced a similar issue. I'll give some background...
  16. Shanebakertat2

    Hello from Dobby and I! We're new here.

    Hey Sphynxlair community! I've been getting a couple tips from the site, but this is my first post here! I picked up Dobby in October, and he just turned 4 months the 24th! A friend of mine had a male and a female, and they had kittens, and little Dobs was chosen for me. My friends weren't...
  17. P

    My sphynx is OBSESSED with attention?

    So as we all know sphynx cats love attention, but I feel like Penelope is just OBSESSED. If I am sleeping at night she and she decides she wants attention, she will bite my nose to get me to wake up and pet her. She also HAS to sleep on my neck. Even if I pick her up and move her she just crawls...
  18. Laucol

    Kitty Biting

    Ila, who is about 16 weeks now, has a biting issue. He play bites, but he actually chomps, he gets so into it. Its painful. Last night, I was laying in bed when he decided he wanted to play. I was ignoring him, which normally either results in him going to play elsewhere or realizing its sleep...
  19. rnschleining

    Sudden Behavior Problems

    Hello. My best friend Steve is a 22 month old intact male sphynx. He has been the most cuddly, affectionate, loving cat. All of a sudden he has had two episodes of violence. Once he attacked me from behind, leaving bite marks, scratches and bruises (through my jeans), and just now tonight...
  20. pussiette

    Teething question - sphynx cat

    Just wondering what symptoms your baby has experienced when they were teething? Were they feeling hot with an upset tummy and off their dry food and bleeding gums. Interested to hear what others have experienced with teething.
  21. Linrah

    Kitten biting on tail

    My 5 month old sphynx is biting her tail to the point of leaving marks and scratches on it. She did have a skin problem a month back that has now cleared up... But her tail is red in spots. Not sure if because she's biting it or bumps are causing her to bite at it. On another topic, anyone know...
  22. A

    Teething kitten woes.

    My lovely little baby boy is teething. He is very bitey and is becoming worse at night time. My partner and I are exhausted because he wakes us up during the night biting our fingers/arms, I know this isn't his fault and understand this is what babies do. When he has been biting our hands we...