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  1. B

    concerning mole?

    Hello, my name is Bianca and I recently adopted my very first sphynx cat. His name is Maurice. I noticed this mole on his leg. I’m not sure if he was born with it. I’ve emailed the breeder about it, but I am waiting for a response. He has a wellness check in 2 days so I can also have the vet...
  2. Nymphadora

    Weird skin rash on my cat’s head

    Found a small rash spot Nymphadora’s head, right behind her ear. The spot, which appeared randomly, is discolored and seems to be growing slightly everyday. She doesn’t seem to react when i touch the rash spot, but i’m still concerned as to what it is and if it is something that summons a vet...
  3. emmalizpowell

    Sudden lump on cat’s head?

    Hi guys, I’m new to this platform and my sphynx kitten is about 2 months old. I let her out of my sight for a little bit and when I look at her, she had this bump on her head. It’s like sorta firm but also kinda squishy and she doesn’t like when I touch it. I’m pretty worried but not too sure if...
  4. Jenniferd

    Blue bump near nipple

    Hello, My kitty has these blue discoloration around her nipple. since this one is close to the nipple the vet is concerned. Vet wants to remove it. Has anyone had any issues like this? She also has a bump on the tail which will be biopsied in June when she gets her teeth cleaned. This thing...
  5. AndreaM

    Lump on throat, swollen chin & mouth?

    I noticed my sphynx's face looked weird today so looked closer and found a lump on her neck/throat!!! It's round, smooth, size of a large pea, and "moveable" under the skin. Her chin and sides of her mouth are also swollen. I will get her to the vet, but of course today is a Saturday, and I'm...

    Cat rash

    Hello everyone, i am looking for some suggestions on helping my sphynx' s skin.. I recently got my sphynx BeBe, she was not well cared for for 6 years and came to me very dirty with a recent case of ringworm, she was seen at a vet who gave medication and cleared it up.. maybe 6 months ago. She's...
  7. BusterTheCat

    Soft Lump

    Hi friends. Buster has a soft lump on his thigh that has been there for some time. It's not too noticeable but it's definitely there. I think it might be a fatty lump but I don't know much about these issues. Does it look familiar to anyone? Should I get it checked out? It doesn't bother him at...
  8. Luvmisphynx

    HELP! Odd skin rash or bump

    We just just got our sphynx kitten last week. When we got her she had a scab on her back that has gotten bigger and is dry, hard and scaly to touch. It seems to be getting bigger. I brought her to the vet and he was not sure what it was. There is only one but it is the weirdest spot. I have...
  9. IggytheSphynx

    Bump on my Kitty

    Hey Guys! I just got home from work and noticed my kitty has a small bump under his back leg. Kind of in his armpit I guess. He got his last set of fiv and luek. shots on wednesday so I am not sure if its related. But the shot was in his hip on that side, not his armpit. He is only 16 weeks old...
  10. celesteandbrina

    Lil skin bump

    Hey guys This could be a silly question haha but I found a little bump on Sabrina. Not sure what it is. Could it be a bug bite or pimple? Its not red or anything. It seems to not bother her, just wondering. I will attach a pic. Thoughts and tips appreciated
  11. AndreaM

    Large Lump Under Skin

    I've owned Sphynx cats for 12 years and this is a new one for me. My kitten (5 months old) has a large (about 1 inch in diameter) solid lump under her skin on her upper leg. It's bumpy and abnormal in shape when I feel it. The surface of the skin is pristine ... nothing but her smooth kitten...
  12. PrimateLove

    Swollen Ear...

    Hey guys... My friend has a half sphynx / half siamese cat named Monkey (you can see why we are friends..haha). She came home today and Monkey's ear is swollen. She doesn't see any visibal scratch or bite marks, but you can see that the ear is real swollen. Anyone have any thoughts on what...