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  1. Wednesday

    ISO fellow Angelsoft sphynx BC kitty owners

    Hey friends! Long time no talk! I last posted in 2015 just after taking Wednesday home- how time flies! I’m happy to say that Wednesday is still the best little girl I could ever ask for. She’s an adventure cat now and loves her stroller, backpack, and road trips! You can follow along her...
  2. sphynkles

    Breeders/rescues in Vancouver Canada Area?

    I‘m graduating next year from school (yes, me! The one who was asking for advice when getting my first sphynx here at age 12! it’s been almost 5 years since My family welcomed our wrinkly pal whom we all worship!) and I’m planning on moving out within a couple years of that, but would like to...
  3. S

    Canadian Raw foods

    Hi nakey lovers!! I've read quite a bit about raw food diets and I really want to switch Sarabi to it after she gets comfortable in my home. She is currently 4 years old. I will definatly talk to her vet beforehand, but I want to bring them arguments and good reasons because I heard vets tend...
  4. sphynkles

    LOST KITTY !!!!!!!!! Update Kylo has been found!

    Our Dear baby ,Kylo is missing! We have no idea how! But he isn’t in our house! We looked everywhere in the house and we’ve knocked on the doors of our neighbours and checked under cars... we can’t find him anywhere!! If anyone sees a bald kitty, blue eyes and pink and black claws (he has nail...
  5. A

    Breeders in Ontario, Canada.

    Hi everyone! I’m new here but I’m wondering if anyone has had any experiences with sphynx breeders in Ontario, Canada. I’ve found a few breeders but am having a hard time finding any reviews. I’d love to hear your input or any recommendations if you have them. Thanks :)
  6. A

    Looking to adopt in Winnipeg

    Hello! Ive recently gotten my little boy (7months) and though he doesn't appear to mind having him and i only. i know that he would love to have a friend to have around with him. if anyone lives and around Winnipeg and is needing to re home please email me! :) I dont mind making the travel...
  7. Bailey21

    Recommendation for a Vet in Hamilton, ON Canada

    Good morning, I would like to recommend Dr. Ervin Harxhi at Stone Church Animal Clinic in Hamilton, Ontario. I had a wonderful experience with my sphynx here, right off the bat he started by asking us if we had any questions for him before he even started his exam with our baby (which of course...
  8. Kathie

    Hello from Toronto! I'm new!

    Hi all, After lurking here for sometime I finally joined the Lair, and I just became the proud new mama to my 5 month old boy! He was well cared for, but the family's five year old son developed and allergy to him so they had to re-home. We connected and I bought and brought him home Saturday...
  9. sphynkles

    Breeders in Washington USA or BC Canada

    This is similar to my thread regarding breeders in BC, but I decided to add Washington because I am near the border. Will anyone please let me know if you know any breeders in any of these places? Thanks!:)
  10. sphynkles

    Breeders in BC, Canada?

    so, as you may know, I'm saving up for a sphynx! But, I'm stumped on breeders. If anyone here knows a sphynx breeder in BC, Canada, preferably near Vancouver, please comment here. Also, if you know how much their babies usually sell for, please let me know. Please include a contact number if you...
  11. Maddie

    Calendar Casting Call Photo Contest.. PetValu Contest

    So apparently a pet store I go to runs a calendar contest! Entering give a $5 off coupon too on a $40 purchase which is cool. (at least for the bc one) Appears to only be open to BC residents (Canada), for this link at least. Bosley's, Tisol & Total Pet Casting Call There is a US one too...
  12. T

    Excited soon-to-be Sphynx owner

    Hi hello SphynxLair! I have been dreaming of owning a Sphynx for many years. And in 12 weeks, it's going to happen! Is anyone familiar with breeders in CA? I would love to see nekkid babies that are from the same breeder as mine. I am happily childfree, in a longterm committed relationship and...
  13. Maddie

    Bath night!!

    Well, Astrid's first real bath went well. She only escaped the tub once! I used the blue dawn dish soap in the water and Vétoquinol care for sensitive skin shampoo on her. It left her with the slight coconut smell, nothing over powering thankfully! It rinsed off easily too. She only allowed for...
  14. Maddie

    Flight Time ✈️️ taking my sphynx on a plane

    Hi! Thought I'd post my first flight experience with Astrid for others to reference. This will be the first of many flights so I will keep updating if need be. If you have any questions just ask. :) So let's break this down: Carrier: SHERPA original deluxe carrier Why This Company: They have...
  15. Maddie

    Hello From Canada :)

    Hi! I just got my first sphynx over a week ago and thought I would share :). Her name is Astrid and is nine months old. She is extremely loving and cuddly, and is doing well :) I would love to recommend the breeder to my fellow Albertans, but sadly they are not breeding anymore.
  16. Nicolemorgan

    Litter Robot FYI

    Hi Canadian Lairians :) Just thought I would mention that Costco.ca has started carrying the Litter Robot III (Open Air). We purchased one in May (not from Costco) and we LOVE it! So do our sphynxes! So I just thought I would mention it as it would be easy to get online from them, and knowing...
  17. Nicolemorgan

    L-Lysine in Canada

    Hey Lair folks :) Just wondering where other Canadians out there get their L-Lysine powder? Right now we have been giving it in treat form since it's easy for us to get, but would really just like to switch to the powder. Looking at online pet stores that are Canadian, but haven't had much...
  18. KitKat121

    Looking to adopt in Michigan, willing to travel (any Canadians out there?)

    Hi! I'm Stephanie. Recently, I was set to adopt my first ever sphynx, an adorable male tuxedo, but due to complications he passed away within weeks of gotcha day :cry:With a broken heart, I've been on the lookout for a baby like him ever since. However, my funds are very limited now because, if...
  19. bisingular

    Vet Victoria, BC

    Any recommended vets in Victoria, British Columbia? One closer to Langford would be preferable, as my baby gets car sick. :)
  20. BusterTheCat

    Missing sphynx in Charleswood, Winnipeg (Canada)

    I just saw on Instagram that there is a missing sphynx in Charleswood, Winnipeg (Canada). His name is Lucifer (goes by Lu) and he has an inner-ear tattoo that says "AG 126." If you live in this area and hear or see anything, please contact Meaghan Waller, her instagram is @meaghanann. I don't...