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cat food

  1. Good Juju

    Ear mites, ear infection, or normal?

    Hi everyone! My little 8 month girl has had itchy ears with wax going all over the place as she scratches her ears with her nails. Sometimes she causes red marks to her face, and most of the time, she has wax on and around her ears and neck. I clean them every few days or once a week. I used to...
  2. zmoore

    Chronic soft poop: dry food suggestions?

    Roquefort (the younger of my two cats) has had soft poop more or less since we got him. It's not watery but it's just always super soft and smelly. He eats fine and we've had a fecal test and parasite tests done and the vet says he's perfectly healthy and probably just has a sensitive stomach...
  3. AlysonK

    How often does your sphynx poop?

    My boy Roswell has been eating Nulo Medalseries Cat & Kitten pretty much since I brought him home. He does well on it and his poops are nice and normal, but he poops multiple times a day and it is excessivley stinky. Like, really, really bad. My other cat is a DSH and poopa once or twice a day...
  4. Halie Lemaster

    EVO Food No Longer Being Sold??

    Hi everyone, I'm new here! I have two babies, Berlioz and Gretchen, both sphynx. I have been feeding them Evo brand since they were wee little babies and I have just heard that beginning in March, they will no longer be stocking shelves with this brand of food! I was wondering if any kitty...
  5. lolvo

    Wellness CORE Dry Food - What's Changed?!?

    Hey all, Just curious... does anyone else here feed Wellness CORE Fish & Fowl dry food at all, and have you recently noticed any changes in how your sphynx handles it? I just bought a new bag of it yesterday, fed some to her this morning with her normal wet food, and now have spots of cat vomit...
  6. Rox

    "Things I wish I knew before starting a raw diet/making my cat's food" (1st time food DIYer)

    Any tips, information, or "things I wish I knew before starting a raw diet" would be supremely helpful. Also- I don't currently have a grinder- can I supplement with bone broth for now? Thanks!
  7. Kiapi

    Wet food

    Hi All, wanted to ask what do you think is the most important thing when choosing wet food. I read online that it should be grain free but since in China is pretty impossible to find i need to buy the one import it from the US, which is way more expensive. As such before i make this...