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  1. OddlyNude

    I’m Dead Sexy!

    I’m Dead Sexy!!! look at my SEXY BODY! Oscar showing off for spring season hahah
  2. OddlyNude

    I’m Dead Sexy

    I’m Dead Sexy!!! look at my SEXY BODY!
  3. omg so cute

    omg so cute

    okay so monty looks sweet and adorable in this photo but I have to admit kitten #2 is really killing it haha. My breeder added the text and I love it.
  4. K

    Oddest things your Sphynx has been mistaken for?

    So we've had dog a few times, a baby and today someone thought he was a kangeroo haha! Anyone else had bizzare guesses?
  5. Monica

    Pathological Mastermind XD

    ***This is satirical portrayal of events which occurred today. For added entertainment, pour yourself a glass of wine, and drink every time you come across the word Q-Tip! :p I have definitive proof that cats, specifically my Kenzo, are pathelogical masterminds... Villains plotting to take...
  6. Mom just left me for a week

    Mom just left me for a week

  7. Monica

    Kenzo the Cowboy: Photo

    Texas born & raised, and it shows! This was not staged, we were getting my daughter ready for bed, turned around and there’s he was! He climbed up on his own AND WAS ROCKING! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: Puppy-Monkey-Baby for sure! :kiss: Share any unexpected silliness your nakeds do!!
  8. Maddie


    So apparently this is how you show love.... she's not biting hard though lol crazy kitty
  9. sphynkles

    Kilo Ren Bathtime!

    Hey Lair buddies, Today i am batging Kilo Ren, my new sphynx kitty! I have bathed him once before, and i think i will do it weekly, for he gets filthy, very quickly. And yesssss... step by step.. with PICTURES!!! Enjoy! 1.towel in dryer for 2.15 minutes 3. Kilo laying in his bed 4.supplies...
  10. sphynkles

    Talk with a Sphynx (TWAS) Ft. our sphynxes.

    Hello sphynxlair! :3 I am Kilo Ren. I am new to the Lair, and I would like to chat with other Sphynx Kitties! Welcome to Talk With a Sphynx! Or TWAS for short. I invite you and your cats to join in! Thank you! ^^
  11. Sammicarkeys

    Cutest or Funniest pictures you guys have?

    I want to see the funniest or cutest pictures you guys have of your fur(less) babies. Here’s a few from me-
  12. sphynkles

    Shynx cat jokes and funny pictures

    So, as some as you may know, I am saving up for a sphynx kitten. And today, I decided to look up some jokes on the internet. Feel free to post funny jokes or pictures of your kitty or others as well. I will post more after this. Lol
  13. Maddie

    Little Helper: Astrid Making the Bed

    so, Astrid loves to help make the bed lol other than the fact she gets kitty crazy, it's pretty cute! She runs around like a lunatic and will try to chomp on your fingers if you get to close. She must think she can make the bed herself lol. Needs to make sure *her* bed is perfect I guess lol
  14. Mr Wilson Vs Avocado

    Mr Wilson Vs Avocado

    I have made my research and Avocado itself is not toxic, and I am only giving him a little piece once in a while (like one a month), He was so happy with that new food! Priceless! http://www.petpoisonhelpline.com/poison/avocado/
  15. Maddie

    Sphynx Fashion.... For the Human lol

    So I fell down an internet wormhole looking for purses, and I found one that looks like a skull! Anyways, on the site, I started looking at the clothing, and they have clothes with sphynxes on them! Yes, they are a little uhm accessorised, lol the wormhole led me to a gothic site (killstar), so...
  16. Maddie

    Kitty Cat Lipstick!

    No, it's not FOR the kitties, but it's still pretty cute! I have an obsession with lipsticks and I am slowly building a little collection and I might just have to add these... They end up being $30 (Canadian) because you have to buy the case for it. Since when was it a genius idea to sell the...
  17. Cleopatra Beers

    The video

  18. Cleopatra Beers


    This is not your typical shop. If you are a reader of mystery, fantasy, steampunk, sifi, etc, I am looking for readers willing to write a real review, not just an "I liked it" . The reason for this is real reviews bring customers who pay for books. I'd I give away dozens of copies, I could...
  19. dodocats

    Warni Warni Dance Cartoon

    Watch this funny cartoon anime dance on Arabic Kurdish mix Omar Souleyman Warni Warni musik Funny Dancing Video
  20. Cleos mom

    Sometimes we watch YouTube videos for cats

    She enjoys fishing. She's not very good at it haha!!
  21. dodocats

    Jewish dance funny video

    Good Morning Everyone :) Today I will show you this funny Jewish dance video very beautiful traditional dance on the famous hits Rasputin by Bone M :D Enjoy it
  22. dodocats

    Dancing toys fuuny video for kids

    Hello Again :) We all like to laugh a little bit so what would you do when you see dancing toys :p Yes it's funny and silly video and for sure your kids or grand kids will feel happy and glad to watch it :D Enjoy it ^-^
  23. dodocats

    Ghost prank funny video

    Hey Everyone :) How are you guys ?! Hope you are all fine!!!(y) Ok now who wants to see some silly funny video plus some scary effects :p :p Hope you will like it :D Have a nice weekend! ^_^ :nailbiting::wacky::happy:
  24. dodocats

    The new Nescafe promotional video

    Hello my friends :) how are you? it has been a long time since my last visit , hope you are all fine! so who doesn't love instant coffee specially if they are a great one :cool: Watch the new Nescafé Promo of 2015 funny and hilarious promotional video best coffee promo short video of my...
  25. dodocats

    cute Reindeers dancing

    Hello everyone :) what's up hope you are all fine :cool: so guys did you see a dancing reindeer :woot: an australian photographer was lucky enpugh to capture these lovely reindeers dancing happily something must watch so funny and cute reindeers enjoy it :p :D :hilarious: hope you will like...