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  1. Kaitlynmason

    Week old kittens constipated

    Hello I have two 9 day old kittens. The first 7 days they ate and had BM 2 a day. As of two days ago they stopped having BM. They are on KMR formula. I’ve called my vet and they told me to try .. all the things I’ve been trying already. Adding more water to formula. Tummy massages. Stimulating...
  2. Kaitlynmason

    1 week old kittens constipated

    Hello! My 9 day old kittens have both stopped having BM at the exact same time.. up & until 48 hours ago they were having 2 a day. They are bottle fed KMR powder. I’ve tried stimulating them (as I’ve been doing from the beginning) adding more water to their formula. A couple of drops of olive...
  3. S

    Allergic reaction

    Confused! We have 2 sets of babies right now I have always fed the moms blue buffalo basics skin and stomach because my 1 mama was allergic to chicken and grain since feeding have had no issues I couldn’t find the cat food anywhere so I tried instinct limited “turkey” kittens busted out with...
  4. Natka58

    2 Sphynx kittens LA area

    Two Sphynx kittens feline herpesvirus positive are looking for their forever home. The kittens are from my stud. They developed symptoms of herpesvirus which attacked their eyes. Breeder wanted to put them down so I took them to see what I can do. I have been taking a bit of a holistic approach...
  5. A

    Just woke up with cat dropping kitten in my hand!!!

    My cat that I rescued, has just meowed very loud at the side of my bed jumped on and dropped a newborn kitten in my hand!! I got up and she sat back down and proceeded to have 5 more beautiful little wrinkley kittens all but 1 are suckling away and mum is extremely tired! I'm so super proud of...
  6. Natka58

    Newborn scratches

    Do you cut newborn nails? They scratch each other up pretty badly. Anything safe to put on their scratches for them to heal faster or just leave it alone? Thank you
  7. New cat dress with my sphynxs

    New cat dress with my sphynxs

    I bought a new dress for a award ceremony for the first assistant living home we visit Thursdays . I love it so much cause it looks like Asti n André .
  8. omg so cute

    omg so cute

    okay so monty looks sweet and adorable in this photo but I have to admit kitten #2 is really killing it haha. My breeder added the text and I love it.
  9. 3 bros

    3 bros

    The first photo I received of my boy and his bros. I can't get over his tail in this photo omg.
  10. bathing bois

    bathing bois

    If this isn't the cutest thing ever I don't know what is.
  11. Tiny little Minka baby!

    Tiny little Minka baby!

    She’s going to be a petite little lady!
  12. Love at first site!

    Love at first site!

    ... I mean sight! Chocolate baby with her tortie sister. So cute, I want to eat her up! 4-5 weeks old
  13. IMG_0728.jpg


    babies all tired out on this Saturday
  14. Monica

    Donskoy, Don Sphynx, Russian Sphynx?!?

    Hey Lairians! Does anyone have any experience with Donskoy, aka Russian Sphynx, that can share with me? The resources for that breed are slimmer than for the Canadians! We are searching/waiting for a female sphynx to join our tribe. I’m entertaining the idea of her being a Don Sphynx, however...
  15. KruegerandSimba


    Hello everyone. Can anyone help me with the names of the colouring of my sphynx babies?
  16. kiana

    Albino or odd eyed kitten?

    Hi, This kitten is now almost 2 weeks old. Now the eyes are opening we noticed one has red eyes or a red blur around its eyes. atleast thats what we have seen at the moment. Another one has just one red eye. The one with the 2 red eyes must be a red sphynx and the other one is coloring in at...
  17. BaldJedi

    First Sphynx purchase question

    Hello! We are soon to be Sphynx owners. We are so excited and have been waiting months! We are first on the waitlist. From what I gather the parents are healthy but do not have genetic screening and health guarentees for offspring. The kittens will not be papered but will come with vaccines and...
  18. M

    Concerned about "Fading Kitten Syndrome"...

    Our girl (1 yr old) just recently had 4 kittens 3 weeks ago. While they all seem active, curious and vocal, I do have concerns for one of them. While the other 3 seem to be filling out and wandering around and playing, 1 tends to sleep in a corner alone, and isn't generally too playful. He also...
  19. Monica

    Don’t judge me...

    To passs the ever-so-slowly moving time until Gotcha Day... ... I went on my breeders FB and obsessively went through her entire post/picture feed over the last 4 years and basically tracked down my kitten’s family line from kitten to adulthood . That’s normal right?!? On mom’s side, I was...
  20. B

    Looking for a sphynx to adopt! Willing to travel :)

    Hi! im looking for a baby to adopt! willing to travel :)
  21. @ludwigandsabbath


    My babies are all settled in
  22. Gotcha day is so close!

    Gotcha day is so close!

    Gotcha day got pushed back a day because the plane got cancelled so instead of getting them tonight, we're getting them tomorrow. They're getting ready for the ferry at the moment :) @ludwigandsabbath
  23. My boys are growing so fast!

    My boys are growing so fast!

    Their eye colours have changed into their final form! Green and orange! How beautiful! Guess I didn't need to buy different colour collars to help James figure out which one's which
  24. New kittens since Wolfgang's passing

    New kittens since Wolfgang's passing

    Since Wolfgang passed from FIP a month ago, my partner and I have been absolutely devastated but we're moving on and getting 2 beautiful brothers in honor of him. Our gotcha day is the 29th of May and we're extremely excited IG: @ludwigandsabbath
  25. J

    Sphynx breeder in Illinois

    Hello everyone! I would like to purchase a sphynx kitten but I've read about so many scams, or unfit breeders. I live in the Chicago land area, but I would be more than willing to drive 4/5 hours to pick up my new kitten. I just really want to be sure I go through a reputable breeder. Does...