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new owner

  1. KitKatKitty

    Swollen lmyph node maybe???

    Hello! New sphynx momma here! Just got my boy 3 days ago, and I am a worrier, so naturally I am freaking out a little bit. He is 14 weeks old, has a vet appointment booked for his last set of vaccines in a couple weeks, but I have just noticed this (new?) bit of loose skin on one side of his...
  2. Laurwadz

    Buying a rehomed sphynx, thoughts/tips/suggestions?

    I have been in search of an emotional support animal and after extensive research I’ve fallen in love with Sphynx. My preference is to have an older cat and I found someone rehoming 3 Sphynx cats, 1 of which is a 4 year old male. They are asking $800 for a rehoming fee, he is fixed and the owner...
  3. Laurwadz

    Buying a rehomed sphynx? Thoughts, tips, suggestions?

    Hello all! I have been in search of an emotional support animal and after extensive research I’ve fallen in love with Sphynx. My preference is to have an older cat and I found someone rehoming 3 hairless cats, 1 of which is a 4 year old male. They are asking $800 for a rehoming fee, he is fixed...
  4. Slaurentia

    My cat peed on my bed for the first time. Should I be worried?

    So I recently adopted a kitten named tofu. He is currently 4 months old, and has been with us for about 2 weeks. He is active but also sleeps a lot. Has been vaccinated and last checked was healthy, just slightly underweight (has gained weight since he's with me). He has no issue with litter...
  5. MeadowThorne

    Sphynx addictions

    I just got my first sphynx for my birthday this May. I have stopped my profession of horses showing since 9 and sold them and all my outside animals and dedicated my life to my sphynx n cats now. I have worked in rescue n rehab along with service n therapy animals. Enough about me ! Meet André...
  6. F

    Skin problems

    Hey there! I recently got my first sphynx cat so I’m pretty new to all of this. He is 4 months old and recently has been getting small red bumps down his back. It almost looks like small pimples. We thought maybe it was an allergic reaction and we switched his shampoo, his food, his laundry...
  7. Axhlxxgh

    A name?!

    I think I may have come up with a name for my fuzzy tailed baby! I pick him up in 3 hours!!!! I'm so excited!!!! I was thinking he looks like a Theodore !? Theo for short??? What do you think??
  8. Kathie

    Hello from Toronto! I'm new!

    Hi all, After lurking here for sometime I finally joined the Lair, and I just became the proud new mama to my 5 month old boy! He was well cared for, but the family's five year old son developed and allergy to him so they had to re-home. We connected and I bought and brought him home Saturday...
  9. NaomiIndelicato

    Rescued and returned a sphynx in January, now owner wants to give it to us.

    Hey there! So January 2017 we heard a cat making awful noises outside (sounded like a baby crying!!!) and went outside to investigate. It was one of our colder nights here in Canada with the temp hitting around -30C (-22 F) so I was very surprised to find a naked kitty under our snow covered...
  10. Danniej


    Hi! My name is Dannie and i'm getting my very first Sphynx kitten on the 8th! I'll be flying to Seattle to pick her up. Her name is Jinx and I am so excited to bring her home! If you guys have any tips for a first time owner I'd be happy to listen. I look forward to speaking with you all!
  11. Cassandra323

    In Preparation Research/Questions ..

    Hi all! I introduced myself a couple of days ago. We are still a few months out from getting our baby but I have a few questions that I'd like opinions on. What is your favorite shampoo for your sphynx? Do you use any sort of skin moisturizer? What is your go to litter? What food/type of...
  12. Lydia

    New Sphynx Owner

    Hello everyone! So I'll be adopting a beautiful 6-year-old lady from a nice couple who unfortunately had to give her up do to a new baby taking up all of their time and money. Their loss is my gain though it truly is a sad occasion. But before I get her in a few days I definitely had a few...
  13. Lydia

    Beautiful 6 Year Old Lady

    Hello Everyone! I'm Lydia and I'm adopting a sphynx cat in a few days. She's 6-year-old and her name is TBD~ Not a big fan of Fluffy :ROFLMAO:. Just wanted to say and I'm opening for new friends!
  14. Lydia

    Adopting a 6 year old Sphynx

    Hi everyone! New Sphynx owner here! I'm adopting a lovely little (not so little as she's 6 years old) girl in a week and I just wanted to touch up on a few questions. 1. So any tips as to help to adjust her to a new home? She's been living with the same family for 6 years but they just got a...
  15. GingerTea

    1st Kitten Ever

    Hi! I've been reading through so much of this site daily to feel more informed & prepared for my 1st cat. I picked her out this month and I'm getting her in December. The breeder uses ExquisiCat Pine Litter, and feeds Wellness Complete Health Kitten wet food. I'm wondering if these are all...
  16. violetta33

    My gotcha day is finally here!

    I finally picked up Naomi from her breeder today and she is adjusting really well!☺️ She is very playful and already loves to cuddle. I have been familiar with the breed for years now and finally decided to take the jump and get a sphynx cat myself. I couldn't be happier with my decision. I...
  17. paige92

    A little worried

    My boyfriend and I have adopted a new baby boy sphynx! Were so so so excited to get him, we will be getting him within the next 2 weeks. I have got him everything he would ever need and more!! He's already so spoiled and he's not even home yet. But I m worried that he will be lonely when my...
  18. Joierenee

    Poof the Peterbald

    I absolutely love my baby so much! But because she is a peterbald, a new breed that's pretty rare, not many know what would be best for her health. If anyone has advice or tips, it would be much appreciated!!
  19. newsphynxmommy

    New Sphynx Mommy

    Hello All! I am going to be a new sphynx mommy in december. I am very nervous because I have a 1 year cat already. I love her dearly and I am afraid she won't take to the new kitten or resent us for adding a member of the family.
  20. Taylor2tone

    New to the Sphynx Life!

    Hello, I am new to this site and also to owning a Sphynx! I will be getting my little man on Thursday and was wondering if you guys had some general tips for owning a Sphynx! I could use all the help and support I can get! I recently just got back from the pet store and purchased some beginning...
  21. vjurgens86

    Sphynxes in one room

    Hi everyone, I adopted two sphinx cats, ages 1 1/2 and 3 1/2, two months ago. I guy I had briefly dated got these two two as kittens and he only got them because an ex-girlfriend wanted them and when she left, she left the cats as well. This guy had no business owning cats; he never played...
  22. kelsheyyx

    Not only my first Sphynx, but my first cat! I have many questions!

    Hi all :) I'm Kelsey and I just got my baby girl Ophelia this past Sunday. I am SO in love with her! I've seen a lot of people posting about kittens getting used to dogs. I have two Shih Tzu/Yorkie mixes, and they are veryyyy curious about her. And as small as they are, they seem huge compared...