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  1. B

    The sores have gotten worse

    I have posted on here recently regarding the sores on my naked Peterbald Draco's under arms and belly. I'm currently in the process of elimination of many things but nothing has worked so far. Today I've noticed the sores are even worse. I'm really concerned. Has anybody else's cat had these...
  2. Smelsiemarie

    Sores on paws

    One of my Sphynx has sores on her front legs. They seem to be the worst during the summer months. She licks at them and they are dark and patchy. Anyone have any ideas on what it could be? She’s not on any medications and receives baths about every 1.5 weeks with wiping down in between. I...
  3. E

    Kitten has anal sores??

    Hi everyone, I bright my baby Egg home 4 days ago and have noticed there’s odd sores or something on the sides of his anus. His stools have been loose and smell terrible. But otherwise he seems in high spirits, eating and drinking well. My vet doesn’t have an appointment for 3 weeks, which I...
  4. J

    Severe Mastitis?

    Hi everyone, I recently rescued a sphynx from a breeder. She develops “sores,” that the breeder told me she always got. Her last litter was in the summer so she’s had the condition some time. I took her to the vet as soon as I got her, where she was diagnosed with severe mastitis that has...
  5. Ericka Flores


    I’m always reading forums on here to answer my questions and it’s my first time posting on here. I have a 10 month old male sphynx! His name is Gollum. I was bathing him this morning and noticed these marks on his neck. They look like a cluster of blisters they’re a little yellowish. It didn’t...
  6. C

    Neck & Head Scatching - sores

    My sphynx is almost a year old and have been trying to figure out whats going on for a year now! He scratches his neck and head and constantly has sores that he will scratch till they bleed. The vet checked him for ear mites or ear infections and came back negative. Ive tried multiple types of...
  7. newsphynxmommy

    My baby has raw cuts and bumps all over her

    My poor baby. It seems like she is always fighting something. When I was giving her a bath I noticed she had a bunch of raw open wounds on her head and on her neck. Moreover she has a load of raised bumps on her body. I'm freaked out and not sure what it could be. I plan on calling the vet...
  8. Annubrius

    Lip sores??

    Hello SL Crew! Just wondering if anyone has run into this issue or something similar in their sphynxy owning days? I noticed that Nuhn had these little red patches under his lips since day one. Not gotten better, but not much worse either until today. They look a bit more angry. He's got adult...
  9. LithiumLittle

    sores by mouth

    I am probably just being overly paranoid, but I noticed these little sores on his mouth this morning when he was sleeping on my lap. I am assuming it's just that his adult teeth are coming in and rubbing areas that aren't used to it. Also excuse that he has food on his face still.
  10. Elaina

    Sphynx back leg sores??

    Hi all, Gabbi is nearly six months old Up to date with all injections Had a check up with the vet since coming home to me 2 weeks ago I've noticed these sores on the back of her legs? (It's more on the back of the legs, where her legs bend to sit down) Is this normal for a Sphynx? I'm quite...
  11. Spacecat

    Sores on the back of Sphynx's legs

    A friend of mine has a problem with her Sphynx. I was talking about it to another friend on line who said she used to come here along time ago. She said there were a couple of owners who had the same problem and I might ask if they are still here. She remembered one name Michele Been and her cat...
  12. pussiette

    Sphynx with Skin Conditions - What are you feeding?

    :oops:*This thread is for sphynx that have a skin conditon/allergy/irritable bowel syndrome only*:p Hi I know this has been asked a bit in all different threads but I think it would be helpful in a dedicated thread so nothing is lost and you don't have to jump around to other threads to get the...