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  1. S

    15 weeks old, diarrhea and vomit

    Hello! First post and, unfortunately, not for the best reasons. I took my 15 week old neutered male baby home 1.5 weeks ago. He is around 4.5lbs and has been adjusting just wonderfully! I took him to his first vet visit 3 days ago for a check-up and was told he is in great health. His breeder...
  2. Pohn

    Sudden vomiting and soft stool

    Hi guys! I thought I would share a recent story of mine. Maybe it could help and others could learn from it too. So 1 and a half week ago, at about 3 AM, I woke up because I heard funny noises. My boy was smacking his lips and then cried out in pain. A sec later, his tummy went up and down...
  3. KawaliWorld

    Vomit and diarrhea for few days every couple of months

    My little guy, now 3 years old has been getting random bouts of diarrhea, and vomiting for a couple of days every couple of months since he was a baby. I have taken him to the vet several times and they would give him anti-nausea shots and fluids (he was still miserable and felt it was worse to...
  4. Vadersmom

    New here, need help!

    So about 3 weeks ago I adopted a 2.5 yo male sphynx from a breeder in my hometown. She explained that the other males in her home weren’t being very mice to him and she just wanted him to go to a good home. Me- knowing NOTHING about this breed, but always wanting one- jumped at the opportunity...
  5. BSphynx

    Throwing up/Under weight kitten

    Hello! So I just got my baby boy about a week ago. He’s 4 months old and generally healthy, regular pooping, peeing, eating and drinking. The only things that are concerning me is that he started throwing up in the morning as soon as he wakes up. It doesn’t happen everyday but it’s happened...
  6. JojoCatMama

    Merlin Vomiting

    Hi everyone... bad news. Today Merlin vomited up his food for the 3rd time today. His previous vomit was last night, then the first was day before. Needless to say we are taking him to the vet as soon as they open to make sure it’s not an obstruction. Prayers please!!
  7. A

    My sphynx boy has been vomiting ( please help)

    He is about 15 weeks old and he just started vomiting yesterday. First I woke up noticing the bed cover was wet and realized it was vomit (seems like it was wet food and some pet grass). And I saw a trail of vomit to the washroom, maybe 3 to 4 of them. But these ones had no coulour with some...
  8. kaycianne

    Reoccurring Vomitting Episodes - food allergy?

    Hi guys! I’m posting for the first time to hopefully receive some insight and answers, as I feel my sphynx baby’s problems are reoccurring and not being fixed by my vet. Misha will be 3 years old this coming December. I traveled from VA to FL to pick her up from the breeder when she was just...
  9. Emma


    Hey guys I have a 1yr old sphynx names Rosie. In January I adopted a cat from the spca. Ever since then Rosie has been throwing up and pooping straight blood. My bathroom looks like a crime scene constantly. We have tried EVERYTHING. We have treated her for giardia, possible ibs with...
  10. DanielayDragon

    Vomiting and not eating PLEASE HELP!

    Hello everyone! I wanted to share my story in hopes that someone out there has answers. My husband and I adopted a 12 week old sphynx from a Dallas breeder in February. We had three wonderful months with him, and suddenly, in may, he became lethargic and started vomiting and having diarrea. I...
  11. J

    Suspected IBD - considering trying natural remedies

    My poor 3 yo large male sphynx has had diarrhoea on an off for several years with some temporary improvement with trying different foods. In the last 2-3 months it has gotten much worse and he is now vomitting stomach acid. I had his poop checked, which was negative and he is scheduled for...
  12. MCLetter

    Recurring Late Night Vomiting, Possible Constipation

    Hi guys - wanted to get some input on Cleo's recent development. The past two nights she has thrown up around 2am. It's completely digested food, not a clear liquid or bile, but it's fairly runny because she's on a raw diet. She eats ground duck with bone 2x a day, and it's been doing great for...
  13. V

    Sphynx cat keeps vomiting*barfing*

    So my cat was healthy until he hit the 1-year mark and I changed his food, after that all the problems began to come, so I started another thread a while ago regarding blood in stool almost always, I changed the food to royal canine hairball and the problem stopped thank god. Now my problem is...
  14. Gregory The Cat

    Kitten vomiting raw food. Help?

    We've had our kitten for about 10 weeks now. We started him on raw food (from Hare today gone tomorrow) with organ and bone in. Added Alnutrin specific for bone in food. He was great and had awesome poops for a few weeks (7 weeks or so?). About two weeks ago we came home to a huge pile of vomit...
  15. Wyfwulf

    Vomiting and bloody rectal discharge

    I have been noticing bloody anal discharge from my 5 month old kitten when she poops. I wipe it off every time but it keeps coming back, and I waited to see if it would go away because I thought it may have been her somewhat recent change of diet. It has not gone away yet and recently she has...
  16. MollysMom

    Ugh... We interrupt this nap with projectile puking

    Molly just climbed on top of me as I was dozing on the couch and SHOT puke a good 2 feet all over me... the couch... my face... the cushions. I had to strip and shower, it soaked through everything (PS - raw has to be the WORST smelling puke). She had maybe 3-4 acute episodes of vomiting and...
  17. alex617

    2 vet visits & 600 bucks later

    Last week Khaleesi started regurgitating her food after eating wet (wellness core canned original formula) The vomit was a little bit of food, mostly water, and very mucus like. I say regurgitating because it was basically just her, opening her mouth and with out warning or any gagging, vomit...