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  1. wesleydeman

    Is this 10 month old boy overweight?

    So I already had a male Sphynx cat in the past before my current one, but in his adulthood I wouldn't consider him a big heavy Sphynx cat. I would say he was about average for a cat. Now I have 2 new Sphynx cats since May this year, they're brother and sister currently 10 months old. Here are 2...
  2. ele

    Skin marks and scratches - help!

    Hi everyone! This is my first post, thanks a lot for being such an amazing community. This is my baby Ele, he is 4 years old, we live in Barcelona, Spain. I'm posting here after loads of visits to the vet without a proper solution... I hope someone here can help. I brought Ele to the vet a...
  3. M

    Feeding and weight questions

    Hi all! I have sort of a lot of questions, but please bare with me. I’m still learning a lot about my little girl everyday! 1. In the attactched picture, is Mavis this morning right after feeding. She is on the Nature’s Variety Instict Raw cat food, and I feed her a little more than what’s...
  4. PeachesAndJune

    How much should I be feeding my cats?

    Hello! My name is Jen and I am a new member here. I am curious as to how much food you would typically feed your sphynx cats? A little back story: I became a new sphynx mom to sisters Peaches & June back in late August 2017. They will be a year old May 31st this year. Yesterday we had a routine...
  5. Chaz Smith


    Hi! I'm new to this forum but have had my little sphynx for over a year now. He's a bit skinny so we're looking at maybe changing his food, however we've always been told by both the breeder and some places on the internet that sphynx were severely allergic to fish and can't have fish oil...
  6. admin

    Cat Weight Chart

    Cat weight chart
  7. Sheepyshepoo

    Belly that hangs down

    Hi everyone: Who else has a nudie with their underbelly that hangs low. Is this normal or should I put my Rex on a diet?
  8. Karen Howe

    Sphynx cat weight

    my awesome cat Winkey who is 11 years old is 18lbs. She is on a diet. She is heathy just really large. She is an emotional eater. When she is happy or sad she eats.. anyone else with a big kitty
  9. Laucol

    Sphynx weight

    Hi everyone, Ila is growing fast! He is a week shy of 5 months and he is already 7 pounds. I was wondering if I'm going to end up with a giant cat. Do you have any comparatives with your cats? How fast did they put on weight? I knew Ila was going to be a bigger cat when I got him, he was the...
  10. Faeron

    Sphynx cat proper weight - Unable to eat much in 1 go

    Hello, Last November my cat was ill, she couldn't eat anymore, threw up everything and such. She has been turned inside out by the veterinarian. First they said it were here kidneys, but a second vet said nothing was wrong with her kidneys, etc. Until they saw her stomach and intestinals were...
  11. Sarah Grace

    New Sphynx owner here.

    Hi everyone, My name is Sarah and today I went to Queens, NY to pick up my first Sphynx. I have a Persian and a Maine Coon, so while I am well versed in cats, I am new to the Sphynx world. I did a lot of research about them before hand, and I felt ready to pick him up. I contacted a woman on...
  12. Lickleone

    Food question

    Riley likes wet food and only wet food won't touch dry unless I disguise it inside his wet food Is it crucial that he gets dry?? He eats A lot about 5 pouches a day lol he definitely eats more then Tau did as a kitten or now that his adult lol Should I add dry to his wet or should I just...