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wet food

  1. bumbino

    Need help with diet!!!!

    Hello again! Long time no see, I hate to give a bad update but Bambi is STILL having soft poops / borderline diarrhea. Ever since I got him no matter what food I seem to try it just doesn’t work. So I am again looking for new diet recommendations for my boy. So far I have tried purina one...
  2. Sphynxmama99

    Whiskers cat food

    I have a skinfant that loves our furbaby's whiskers jelly food and choses it over his usual biscuits is he okay to eat the jelly whiskers food or not? Sorry hope that's not a stupid question x Thank you
  3. jankrachi

    Best wet and dry food?

    Hi all! I’m new to the community and have had my lil guy for almost a year now! I’m looking to switch him from royal canin kitten food to adult food and was wondering if there’s an overall consensus of what the best wet & dry foods are? I’ve tried doing research but it’s very overwhelming and...
  4. S

    Dry or wet food? or both?

    I am getting ready to pick up my baby Ollie next week. He will be 12 weeks old. I am just wondering what everyone feeds there sphynx? I read a few places not to feed wet food very often just dry. Then I have seen where people do both. I am just curious what everyone else does? I cannot spend a...
  5. A

    Picky Eater! Any advice?

    Hi all- My boy "King" is just about 8 months old. Recently I switched him from wet pate canned foods due to loose and stinky stools. I started him on the freeze dried raw pellets rehydrated which he loved for the first few days and now won't touch. He will eat unhydrated as a treat but not...
  6. M

    Has anyone tried Instinct wet food?

    Hi! I tried adding a healthy wet food to my kitten’s friskees diet (her breeder had her on that when I got her). I’m wondering if anyone else uses this brand and has seen a flare in skin issues. I found info on it online claiming to be a good dupe for a more expensive brand for Sphynx cats...
  7. S

    Allergies and food

    Hello, I did not want to make too many threads so I decided to ask these questions at once. I’m allergic to cats i want a Sphynx so I’m going to get one despite the allergies. I get runny nose, red puffy eyes if I scratch them and I also cough. I don’t believe I sneeze and I do not have...
  8. beccerzz11

    questions about a new sphynx

    I just have a few questions as a first time mom! 1. Is there ANY air freshener that is non-toxic to these babies? 2. Currently he is being free fed solid gold grain free high protein so he has food throughout the day and then is being given 2x a day Darwin’s natural pet food raw chicken. Is...
  9. annaleemv

    Cat Food: Canned vs. Pouch

    Hello Sphynx Lovers, I have finally been able to switch my baby from kibble to wet food, woohoo! However, I've been wondering what is the long term consequences of feeding her food that comes in an aluminum can. I was debating on switching to pouches, but I'm not sure of the long term effects...
  10. Anansi

    Wet/Dry cat food in Australia/NZ

    Just doing some research on what wet/dry food brands people are using down under (Aus/NZ) a lot of the brand's I have seen recommend are not readily available in this part of the world and my partner and I would rather not spend a fortune shipping in food since shipping prices are obnoxious for...
  11. Maddie

    Tricks For Getting Kitties To Eat Wet Food

    So, the vet wants Astrid to eat wet food 1-2 times a week just incase she ever has kidney problems and that is all she can eat. He's had too many cats refusing to eat so he rather get all kitties used to it just to be safe. I have tried three different meats so far (salmon, venison and...
  12. Maddie

    Wet Food Suggestions

    Hi I'm just wondering what wet food everybody feeds their babies? The vet wants me to feed her some 1-2 times a week just so she is used to it if she ever had to eat it (if she got sick or whatnot). I'm not worried about feeding her more wet then the vet suggests as she does drink a TON of...
  13. E

    Picky Eater/ Winter Blues

    Hi sphynx friends - I have some questions and am wondering if anyone else experiences the same things with their sphynx. After I switched to the adult version of her wet food since she is now a year old, she is less and less interested with her wet food - which is the Chicken Soup for the Cat's...
  14. L

    Luna is home! Now i need help..

    Hey!! We brought Luna home on Saturday! She's wonderful! Behaves unbelievably well, listens (most of the time) she even sleeps in her own bed. She also doesn't mind being in her crate much. We have her bed, blankets, toys in a big crate where she sleeps right next to my bed. My only concern is...
  15. Luzard

    10 week old kitten and some feeding questions!! Help!

    Hi there, my sphynx Sueda is still only 10 weeks old. I give her half of a 3 oz can of wet food every 6 hours along with a good sized portion of goat milk poured over top. Sometimes I give her milk inbetween feedings to make sure she's hydrated. I also keep a water bowl out for her just in case...
  16. theors01

    Dry Food vs Wet Food (vs Raw Food)

    My sphynx is almost 4 yrs. now. He has been on wet food only for about 3.5 years now. He seems to be a picky eater. I have changed his food brand and food type a number of times. Right now, he is eating "Wellness- Minced Tuna" cans but only in combination with a tablespoon of "Soulistic- Whole...
  17. icutmyelbows

    sphynx wet food

    hey guys! someone recently told me that wet food is a big no-no for sphynx cats but i've read online that friskies and fancy feast are fine to give them. i had noticed some tuna flavored wet food did give my boy diahrrea, but what do you guys feed your kitty kids and what are your opinions?
  18. gaigeschaos

    no longer interested in wet food?

    Hi all, So a few weeks ago Lu decided he didn't like his wet food anymore. I've been leaving kibble out for him and feeding him around 1/3 of a small can of wet food for both lunch and dinner. One day he just decided to turn his nose up at the wet food I put out for his lunch, so I left it out...