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advice please

  1. Jellytot85

    Anubis sneezing..possible dust allergy?

    Hi SL peeps! One of my boys Anubis who is four months old and raw fed has these little sneezing moment. I just managed to film it as it doesn’t tend to last long. It usually occurs when Iv changed the cat litter or Im doing housework. Today he went under my daughters bed which is known to gather...
  2. LittleGargoyle

    9 year old rescue cat

    Hello Sphynx people. I'm not a Sphynx person yet, as I don't own a Sphynx yet. My husband and I recently looked after a Sphynx for someone else for two months, and we fell completely in love with the breed. I recently contacted a local Sphynx rescue to find out if they had any cats that need...
  3. Wednesdaysmum

    Integration with unneutered male

    Hi everyone, I am particularly keen to hear of experinces from parents of an unneutered male who have introduced a new cat/kitten to the household. My boy is a bit over 1 year old and is unneutered. He is the most gentle hearted and loving boy and we are keen to get him a sibling to play with/...
  4. O

    Walnut litter.

    Hi, has anybody ever used or uses walnut litter? If so, what is your experience on it and would you recommend it? Or this litter Thank you!
  5. O

    Natural Instinct raw cat food. Taurine and supplements.

    Hi, do you think the Natural Instinct Turkey raw meat Country Banquet (Cat) Turkey has all the needed, nutritional ingredients in it? And the other Natural Instinct raw meat ones? Does the Natural Instinct Turkey raw meat contain taurine? And if so, is it enough taurine? What percentage or how...
  6. O

    Plaque and tartar buildup with red, sensitive inflamed gums.

    Hi, is there any safe, natural dental chews that can be used to treat plaque and tartar build-up and even red, sensitive inflamed gums where the plaque and tartar build-up is? Or any gels that will sooth the red, sensitive inflamed gums? Should I try and brush where the tartar and plaque is to...
  7. O

    Natural sphynx cat shampoo in the UK.

    Hi, does anybody know any natural sphynx cat shampoo that I can order online in the UK? What sphynx cat shampoo do you use? And what is your sphynx bath routine? Do you use scrub gloves and are they gentle? Which scrub gloves would you recommend? Any useful tips and recommendations would be...
  8. O

    Brushing teeth, bathing and SPF. Advice and recommendations, please!

    Hi, I would like some advice and recommendations on brushing teeth, bathing and SPF. I have been using the toothpaste Beapar: for around over a year. At first he didn't let me brush his teeth so I had to put the toothpaste on my finger and rub it on to which then he'd lick it straight off so I...
  9. O

    Natural detoxification.

    Hi, I have been reading articles about detoxification for animals and cats and would like some advice on it, please. What would you recommend for a natural detoxification? How would you give your animal green tea for detoxification? Do you put one green tea bag in their drinking bowl and then...
  10. O

    Natural Instinct pure chicken raw meat. Nutritional enough ??

    Hi, I have been feeding my cat Natural Instinct pure chicken raw meat and would like some advice on it and your experiences with Natural Instinct or Raw meat in general, please. I don't know if that alone is nutritional enough or has enough fibre for my cat and if not, what do I need to add to...
  11. Monica

    Product Recommendations For Favor!!

    Hola again Lairians! I need some help choosing some products/goodies for my soon-to-be-kitty! I'm new to the sphynx breed, and I would really appreciate any tips from the veterans. :) Below is the list of items that I'm currently shopping for. I've picked out a few, so if you have any comments...
  12. GMPLAX23

    Pet insurance- do you have it?

    I don't know if I really need kitten insurance but I wanted to ask the pros LOL. Do you have it? Would you suggest it? What plans are best? I've been doing a lot of reading but I'm still not sure. Especially when there is no routine coverage.... that seems silly to me. Help!
  13. BluesMummy

    Cat Stroller ???

    Well after the tale off Chloe the escapologist from @1sphynxlover im really thinking about what do do with Blue this summer, i have considered a harness but dont really want him to get used to being able to walk around outdoors, has anybody tried a cat stroller ?? If so are they secure, are they...
  14. BluesMummy


    Hiya, i know im probably just a worry-wart but i was just wondering how everybody elses kitties was when they started on lysine, ive been meaning to get my boys started on it for a while so this month when i got payed i finally ordered some from Amazon, we are now on day 3 & blue has the poo's...