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bath time

  1. Bath Time

    Bath Time

    Mort likes to take baths but had an ear infection. We found a fashionable fix! See more of his life here https://www.instagram.com/mortthefelinefeminist/
  2. O

    Natural sphynx cat shampoo in the UK.

    Hi, does anybody know any natural sphynx cat shampoo that I can order online in the UK? What sphynx cat shampoo do you use? And what is your sphynx bath routine? Do you use scrub gloves and are they gentle? Which scrub gloves would you recommend? Any useful tips and recommendations would be...
  3. MeadowThorne

    Asti update cause who doesnt love kittens

    Asti 5 weeks old and loves baths whoot! Pickup and of the month we can't wait.
  4. bathing bois

    bathing bois

    If this isn't the cutest thing ever I don't know what is.
  5. Monica

    Blackheads and Bathing

    Down the rabbit hole of newbie questions we go! I’ve seen A LOT of posts/pics about sphynx tails with blackheads, both here and on other groups. I’m very particular, and would prefer not the deal with pimple popping... Here’s the newbie part: 1. Should I be actively doing something...
  6. Fancy Pants

    Bathing Troubles

    hello everyone. My cat Fancy Pants absolutely HATES baths... she is scared of them. Any suggestions to get her more used to taking a bath and to make it more pleasant for both of us ??? Please help!
  7. Marerickson

    Dirt spots & bathing

    Hey guys it's been just about a week with Zhuri and I love her SO MUCH! She is hilarious, I literally laugh out loud at her many times throughout the day! She is doing great, her vet checkup went good and we couldn't be happier! I did give her a bath on Monday and trimmed her nails, cleaned...
  8. Gemmakitty

    Black paws!

    So I give my sphynx, Gemma, a bath every other week. However, her paws always seem to have dirt around them whether I scrub them or just lather. Baby wipes don't help and I would love to know any advice you could give me. Thank you!
  9. themodifieddoll

    Worst Bath Ever

    Tonight was Godiva's biannual bath and I have to say I have never see her have such a negative reaction to water than she had tonight She screamed and thrashed and tried to claw up my arms and I'm just so lost She's fussed a little in the past, but never anything like this What could have happened?
  10. Maddie

    Bath night!!

    Well, Astrid's first real bath went well. She only escaped the tub once! I used the blue dawn dish soap in the water and Vétoquinol care for sensitive skin shampoo on her. It left her with the slight coconut smell, nothing over powering thankfully! It rinsed off easily too. She only allowed for...
  11. GMPLAX23

    Tut's first bath

    I was hesitant to give him a bath since it is getting colder but being that he is home with me now I wanted to bond over it, build trust and make sure I knew what I was doing!!! I had been letting Tut in the bathroom and he had been exploring and jumping in/out of the tub (totally a set up) a...
  12. Shontae


    Hello again everyone! I have another question (they just seem to keep sprouting up!). So I am looking into the Hylyt shampoo and I noticed there is a creme conditioner, and I wonder is that relevant or good for my kitty? I also was looking into getting Burt's Bees for dogs paws and nose, as I...
  13. Sarahstar66

    Baby's First Bath!

    My breeder sent me some photo's of Princess Lilith's first bubble bath yesterday and I just HAD to share them. :love::love::love: She was very vocal about her experience, lol. The breeder assured me she passed her first Spa Day with flying colors once she got used to the water. One more week...
  14. L

    Is this normal after bath time?

    Hey! So today was our first bath together! The breeder told us Luna did like baths so I was a bit nervous. It was a 2 man job simply because mom and I felt more comfortable that way. She complained in the beginning and then settled down and lets us give her a nice bath and clean her ears...
  15. Jacks153

    100% Organic Soap For Sphynx

    Hello fellow "Owned By Sphynx Humans "I wanted to introduce myself & let everyone know about our complete Sphynx line for the Sphynx breed that is 100% organic and used by well known breeders in California . Works amazing ! No harsh chemicals or words you can't pronounce . This breed has...
  16. Jacks153

    Happy To Join You All!!

    Hello fellow "Owned By Sphynx Humans "I wanted to introduce myself & let everyone know about our complete Sphynx line for the Sphynx breed that is 100% organic and used by well known breeders in California . Works amazing ! No harsh chemicals or words you can't pronounce . This breed has...
  17. L

    3rd times a charm!

    I have bathed Loki 3x now. First was bad...2nd x was omg do we HAVE to do that again! But 3rd x was SSOOO much better! The first 2 x i filled up the bathroom sink and added some baby wash. He was not having it. 2nd x my husband had to help Loki was fighting so much. I read someone's post about...
  18. JaniinaEklund

    The best shampoo for sphynx and bathing routine?

    Hi everyone, I just got Ade home a week ago and soon is the first bath with him. For that I would like to ask your tips regarding shampoo and the basic bathing routine (if there is any). What shampoo are you using and how do you handle the bathing? How often do you bath? Does your cats like...
  19. Arielle

    Curious, How often do you bathe your sphynx?

    Through my trial and errors with Amadeus I am curious how long the bathing process is for all of you! What is your routine? How do you keep your baby clean as possible whit list keeping him/her warm during bath time? How do you keep them as comfortable as possible? Any suggestions/info would...
  20. Cgc

    Leonard Hates baths

    Hello, I just recieved our new kitten about a week ago, and he seems to be really stressed out when i gave him a bath or cleaned his ears. He really doesnt seem to like it when i use kitten wipes on him to get the oil off in the mornings. I talk to him and pet him gently during. I just hate...
  21. anoirb

    Overall help needed with bath regimen!

    I've noticed with one of my babies that the day after I bathe him, he gets really really dry skin. I've tried several different shampoos and they all seem to break him out or give him super dry, flaky skin. Wondering if anyone else has had this problem and has any tips on how to clear it up...
  22. Tale Grude

    First Bath

    Hi! I just got myself a little Sphynx kitten a week a go. And she's gotten a bit dirty, so I feel like it's time for her first bath. But she has never had bath before. So I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to proceed the first time I'm giving my little girl a bath?