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  1. Little Pumpkin

    Male vs Female Sphynx behavior ?

    Hiya everyone, i am Pumpkin ! I would like to know if there are noticeable behaviour differences between male and female sphynx ? As i will be welcoming my little gremlins in 1,5 month and it’s a female.
  2. metagrip

    My sweet Sphynx has become distant for months after bringing home a new kitty that constantly bothers him

    Hi all! It’s been a while since I posted, but I am having some feelings of guilt and worry since bringing home a 2nd kitty. I love my sweet baby Fisher. He is a black neutered sphynx and I’ve had him for 2 years. We are inseparable and always have been. He has been with me through everything...
  3. metagrip

    Why is my sweet boy suddenly a nightmare?!

    Hello all. I’ve been lurking for a while and have been very happy with my sweet baby. I got him July 15th and he’s been great! Until now. He has gotten into the habit of maximum zoomies that are often violent. On multiple occasions, he has jumped onto my leg and bitten me, attacked my arm...
  4. Sharnsphynx

    Toilet problems!

    Hi guys, so we’ve had our boy nearly 3 weeks now, he’s about 17 weeks old! He’s good as gold except for one issue. He’s began pooping on the furry rug. He is toilet trained and this has only become an issue in the last couple of weeks, the first week or so he used the trays fine. Had the vet...
  5. Wednesdaysmum

    My boy is 5 months and I'm getting him neutered

    Hey Friends and Felines My little boy Wednesday is getting desexed on Monday, I'm worried about him and would like to know if anyone has an unneutered male cat and if there are real complications and behaviour issues that arise from not going through with the operation. He is an indoor only...
  6. Monica

    Boys Suck??

    Hola Lairians! Does your sphynx suck?? ... Kenzo has serious suckling tendencies. It’s not quite to the point of a ‘compulsive behavior,’ but it’s definitely a habit. He mainly does it before he goes to sleep every night, or if he’s feeling especially affectionate during the day. I’ve noticed...
  7. Monica

    BAD Table Manners: training help

    We've had Kenzo for 2 weeks now, and he has been everything I had hoped, and more! He is so well behaved the majority of the time, so cuddly and sweet, so great with my 9 month old daughter and my 2 dogs.... Only issue is, he has HORRIBLE table manners.:arghh: When Hubs and I are eating, he is...
  8. Monica

    Cat + Dog = BFFs

    At least that’s the case in our house! So happy that my hairball and my naked love each other!! I’ve said it 100x over the last week, but I’m truly so very impressed with this breed. So affectionate, attentive, smart and silly!! Here I am, the dog lover, the anti-cat lady, singing the...
  9. @kingkenzobare_


  10. Nutmeg8112

    Help! I don't know what else to do!

    Hello all! I am sorry if my thread title sounds like I am overreacting but I really don't know where else to turn. I just really need some help and guidance from people who can relate to my situation. I posted a few months back about my cat Ollivander's aggressive behavior and tendencies and...
  11. D

    Adopted a Sphynx

    I adopted Molly, 6 year old spayed female sphynx from a no-kill shelter near me about a month ago. Her person went into a nursing home & I don't know anything else about her. I've only had domestic short/long hair cats until now. I thought she'd be a good addition to our family of two dogs and a...
  12. Deann

    Newbie with New baby!

    I posted this a bit earlier: New Kitten, so many questions! Look forward to learning more and talking to everyone here! This is my new baby, Krypton!!
  13. Deann

    New Kitten, so many questions!

    Hi everyone! My name is Deann and I'm a new mommy to Krypton, an amazing itty bitty sphinx kitty that my boyfriend has just gotten me. I have wanted a hairless cat for YEARS and I have studied every website I can find to learn everything possible about them. My boyfriend, in attempts to do...
  14. BekNos

    Behavior issues... maybe caused by meds?

    So, I've had my girl for 5 years. She was my service animal. Because of her behavior, though I retired her. A few months ago I took her into a pet shop and something caused her to snap (before she was completely docile and content on my lap, all the time,) and she became super violent. Took a...
  15. Molly Pearl

    Advice on behavior change

    Hello all! I'm seeking some advice on some behavior change we've seen from Sturgeon the last two weeks. He's started hissing at our littlest, Walter. Mostly it seems like he's telling Walter to back off or stay away from a particular spot by the window that he has claimed as his own. Sturgeon is...
  16. Gesundheit

    Kitty Prozac

    Have you ever needed to put a pet on prozac? Nym is currently taking it, and it seems to really be helping with her litterbox problems. I resisted prozac for the longest time because she isn't depressed, and I didn't like the effects it had on me when I had to take an SSRI (one year; first...
  17. pashtcat

    Disturbing behavior ... or am I just looking at it the wrong way?

    Recently, Puddz displayed some very alarming behavior that took me so off guard I'm not sure how to interpret it. I was hoping that my fellow Lairians could explain this new 'trick' and perhaps provide some insight. Puddz is my first Naked, so I'm still finding new quirks, but this one... Here...
  18. admin

    Introducing a new cat or kitten into the home

    Introducing a new cat or kitten into the home Introducing a new cat or kitten into your home can sometimes be very stressful to you, your current pet residents and of course the new kitty. Here are some tips to help this task go smoother and keep all your pets a bit safer and stress free. Be...