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  1. littlehalfbreed

    Hoping to Adopt/Rescue in Houston, TX

    Hi friends, My fiancé and I are I interested in rescuing or adopting a sphynx, devon rex, or similar breed in or near the Houston, Texas area. We recently lost our 7 year old sphynx Wells suddenly to HCM on August 15 after having him for 5 years. I feel empty without him and could not imagine...
  2. Nimbus2022


    Hi everyone! My husband and I just got our first baby sphynx! He is 11 weeks old, he still has a gorgeous soft coat but I am not sure if he will keep it or not! Only had him 2 nights so far. He cried a lot the first night but was better last night. He is obsessed with cuddles ( we do find...
  3. arnie

    Canadian or Russian? Is my “Sphynx”actually a Donskoy?

    Hello everyone, posting for the first time here, we have been looking after a friend’s sphynx, T.T., on and off for almost a year (our friend’s been away so often that this is beginning to feel like a co-ownership now…). We absolutely adore T.T., and he’s sparked our interest on all things...
  4. J

    Looking to adopt near Seattle! (seniors, hospice, or special needs welcome!)

    CONTACT ME: [email protected] or (208)859-9368 WE WILL ADOPT OUTSIDE THE AREA! We are willing to commute via car out of state to pick up an animal. If you're curious how far we'll go, just ask! Hello! Our names are Jesse and Joe, and we are two experienced cat owners looking for a hairless...
  5. Justyna1122

    Gigi says: 'Vote for me please !!!'

    Hello lovelies, We have decided to try in these two contests..Any prize would be donated to one of London's cat rescues to help them in this strange and hard times.. )( Here is about Gigi (she was Bonnie at the beggining... But everybody at home call her Gigi!) ;) "I’m Gigi! I’m still a cat...
  6. alandsim

    Expecting a 3yo Don Sphynx Girl and currently own a dog #prayforme

    Hi there, my name's Al, short for a girl's name :) I own a two year old husky and I will be picking up a 3 year old don sphynx mama that is retiring from a breeder next weekend.. I am feeling positive about the whole situation because: 1) My dog is well exercised and mostly sleeps when...
  7. F2F7BEDE-BFD1-4430-8AE8-779CB7460BA2.jpeg


    Merlin bartholmeow
  8. Monica

    High Fashion Sphynx!

    I stumbled across these fashion photographs of sphynx (Peterbald & Donskoys? :unsure:) dripping in fine jewels, and I HAD to share!! :love::love::love: It’s from a series shoot done by photographer Daniel Gieseke for a high-end fashion magazine. I think it’s absolutely brilliant. I was so...
  9. Monica

    Donskoy, Don Sphynx, Russian Sphynx?!?

    Hey Lairians! Does anyone have any experience with Donskoy, aka Russian Sphynx, that can share with me? The resources for that breed are slimmer than for the Canadians! We are searching/waiting for a female sphynx to join our tribe. I’m entertaining the idea of her being a Don Sphynx, however...
  10. Sevi

    Still looking for Don Sphynx- OH, MI, TX

    Hi again, I’m still looking for a Donskoy Sphynx to adopt. I was in contact with 2-3 people but they felt scammy or fell through... Unfortunately, I already bought a pet plane ticket and approved carrier before this came to light. So I’m hoping a miracle happens and someone here will have a...
  11. Ames152

    Donskoy kitten possible eye issue

    Hi, Forgive me if this was posted before, I couldn’t find any info on it. I just adopted a baby donskoy from a reputable breeder. I’m absolutely in love with him already. Today I took him to his first vet appointment and she mentioned she was concerned that his eyelids may need to be trimmed...
  12. KhaosKatze

    Gone but not forgotten Gizmo

    Its been a while since I posted. Last night I had to do the most painful and hardest thing ever. As a cat mom and sufferer if depression and chronic illness my precious Donskoy Gizmo was a joy and huge part of my life and my husbands. I adopted him through a rescue site from a owner needing to...
  13. Violet1012

    Is a bambino made with a donskoy and a munchkin a real thing?

    I was talking to a friend and she heard from her friend that theres a lady in CA breeding bambinos using donskoy and munchkins to make a bambino. Would that even work? At first i didnt believe her but shes breeding hairless Chihuahua so if she can do that who knows what else is out there. I know...
  14. Odinsmommy

    Is my cat a Sphynx?

    Hello! I have a beautiful Blue/Gray 1year old hairless boy named Odin Forskin. I know there are several types of hairless cats, Canadian/Donsky/peterbald, and I'm wondering which mine is. I found Odin from a friend of my mother. He needed to be relocated as the new baby in his house was...
  15. CookieCountess

    Saphira - A little bit Russian, a little bit Canadian (Don Sphynx and Canadian Sphynx mix)

    Hello, I'm Safira (Safi), my mum is a rubber bald Donskoy, but my dad is a Canadian sphynx. I really don't know what I am since there aren't a lot of cats like me. I look more like a Don, I have almond shaped eyes, and a tiny amount of fur which I guess will fall off. I look like other Donskoy...
  16. K

    New and Looking for Breeder Info

    Hi everyone! I'm KYkitty, real name is Chasity, and I'm so glad I finally stumbled upon this site in the search for information on Sphynx and hairless breeds. Ever since I can remember, I've wanted a hairless baby. I currently still live at home and am unable to have cats (no one else in my...
  17. B

    Don Sphynx/Canadian Sphynx kittens

    I bought a female and she ended up being pregnant. she is donskoy and i guess the dad is a black and white tuxedo sphynx. after reading i seen the two breeds should not mate since they are different does anyone know what will happen to the kittns
  18. Don Waffle

    San Angelo TX Sphynx Rescue...

    I had two female russian sphynx cats taken from me by an angry husband, and put into a sphynx shelter. I don't know where this shelter is. My heart is broken. If you're in the West Texas area and are serious about giving two female Russian sphynx an amazing and wonder and beautiful new forever...
  19. Don Waffle

    Donskoy in West TX Needs New Home

    Hello! I'm in San Angelo TX and I'm looking for a new home for my little Yuri. He just turned one year in March. Yuri is a sweet little guy who needs and loves bucket loads of love. The little attention skunk is known to jump up on anyone (Even people new to meet him) just to rub chins. I...